Persevering Resilience: Karen can get through any sort of adversity with excellence, and her family loves and adores her so much for this fact

There is something to be said about a woman of resilience.

Don’t believe us? Just ask John Yackel about his wife, Karen.

Throughout Karen’s life she has endured a lot of hardships and tribulations. However, it is through those experiences that she was turned into the amazingly strong woman she is today. She knows how to get through life’s toughest moments with ease, and John is proud of her for that.

That is not the only thing that makes him proud of his wife either. She has so many unique and extraordinary qualities that makes Karen the wonderful woman she is.

“Her amazing sense of humor.

“Her intelligence.

“Her beauty inside and out.

“Her compassion

“Her perseverance.

“Her strong values.

“Her determination to push through daily chronic pain.

“Her love for her family.”

On top of all this, Karen is also a very friendly person who is a social butterfly. She is as trustworthy as they come, and she also has a forgiving heart.

Don’t get us wrong, Karen certainly loves curling up with a good book, but what really makes her who she is is the fact that she is a very heartfelt, caring individual. Karen’s heart is so huge, and she is a very selfless individual.

When she is around others, Karen is in her element. She gets along with everyone, and she is amazing in that way.

It is easy to see why there are so many things her husband admires about her.

“I admire her resilience.

“Her intestinal fortitude.

“Her confidence and independent nature.

“Her ability to forgive and her honesty.

“Her compassion.

“Her tenderness.”

There is so much to be said about Karen Yackel. Her personality is second to none, and she is beloved by so many for a reason.

However, the best thing about Karen is the fact that she is a wonderful mother. Not just to her own two daughters, but to John’s three kids as well. Karen would do anything for any of them, and the support she shows each of them is endless.

“As a mother, she has patience, compassion and strong morals,” John said. “As an only child, Karen cared for her aging parents with determination and compassion until their final days.”

She learned how to be a great mother from her parents, but clearly Karen has always had some motherly instincts inside of her. She cared for her own parents the way they cared for her growing up, and she raised her own children with that same amount of care.

There is so much more that can be said about Karen, but the number one thing to note is her care for her loved ones. She would do anything for anyone, and she is as amazing a person as they come. John and the kids could not imagine their lives without Karen, and thankfully they do not have to think about that.

“I want to remind her how much I love her. I’m thankful for everything she has done for our blended family; for everything she has done for my kids… in supporting their goals and dreams through discussions and guidance, and treating them as like her own kids. She is such a kind and trusting person, and because of that vulnerability she is truly courageous.” – John

Persevering Resilience: Karen Yackel

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