Always Positive: Queen will keep fighting the good fight while showing her children how to be children of faith

Queen Ann Sandifer is truly the queen of all queens.

She has a distinct ability to care for people, and she showed that through her 37 years of caregiving to children. She has an amazing heart and does not let anything get her down, and she is someone that people should strive to be like.

“I admire our mother’s resilience and her Godly and positive attitude as she lives daily with declining health due to ALS’s impact on her body,” her son Vernell said. “She’s the remaining Matriarch within our side of the family tree and she represents it well as a role model to all family members.”

Despite what life has thrown at her on a daily basis, Queen has continued to fight the good fight while keeping faith at the center of it all. She has consistently trusted in God, while remaining the family-oriented woman she has always been.

People who see her see a woman with pure optimism and trust that all things will work out the way they are supposed to work out. She instills this into her children on a daily basis, and she is constantly taking care of her children in the midst of her ALS.

Her daughter distinctly remembers the time she visited her from Florida after her diagnosis and had gone down to the laundry room to wash her daughter’s clothes, all with a smile on her face. All this is to say that Queen does not ever let anything get her down or get in the way of making sure her children are prioritized and always taken care of.

“She is a good mom because she did her best to make sure we were loved and cared for growing up,” Angela said. “She gave us the nurturing we couldn’t get from our dad. She struggled as we all do with parenting, but we knew she LOVED us. She is a God-fearing woman and a true Christian. She gives great spiritual and personal advice. She prays for us daily and stands in the gap. She has always been and continues to be supportive in all of our endeavors.”

Faith and family trumps all for Queen, and her children know how lucky and blessed they are to have such an amazing, loving mother who looked after them all these years.

She is an amazing role model to not just her kids, but to so many people around her, and people learn so much just by knowing Queen. She cares about everyone, and she has been such an amazing influence and a positive light to so many.

“My mom is the most down to earth person I know,” Vernell said. “She has a very loving heart and spirit. It’s so cool to talk with her as an adult about some of the things we did as kids that she never knew about.”

Queen has helped shape Vernell, Angela, Robert and Kierra into the amazing adults they are today, and they hope they can do the same for Queen’s grandchildren.

She has always shown so much love and support to those around her, and she is truly appreciated by all.

“I love you Mom,” Vernell said. “We love you Mom. We give you the acknowledgement and recognition for which you deserve and for which you are entitled to! Your resume as a person and as a human may be flawed, but in our minds, you get a PERFECT as a mother! Happy Birthday Queen!”always positive

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