‘A Great Gift Giver’: Mary’s sentimental gifts are just one of the infinite ways that demonstrate how sincerely thoughtful she is

It would be difficult to meet someone more selfless than Mary Frey.

According to her husband Joey Frey, doing so would be an impossible feat.

Being employed full-time with Roseville Pediatric and raising two sons, Connor and Grant, as well as taking care of their two German Shepherds, Storm and Zara, Mary was still able to finish two years of classes to get her BA in Psychology. All the while, going above and behind for her family.

Despite her busy life, “she always cares about how I’m doing; she puts my needs before hers,” Joey said.

If that doesn’t prove what great character she has, I’m not sure what will.

Mary is someone who really sees you. She takes the time to get to know people inside and out—evaluating their likes, interests, hobbies—and never forgets them.

“She takes care of little things I seem to forget,” Joey said.

That’s why she’s also known to be the best gift giver.

She pays attention to detail and acknowledges the things that her friends and family find meaningful. And when she’s unsure, she never hesitates to reach out to various family members to figure it out.

Mary is the type of person that goes the extra mile to let people know just how special they are.

To do this, “she shows her friends and family with special gifts,” Joey said.

But for him, being with Mary is the best gift he could have. Every day he is amazed that he gets to call her his wife.

After meeting up for the first time at Park City Mall in 2012, it wasn’t long before they shared “I love you’s.”

Only a month after their first date, the two couldn’t resist sharing the love they felt for each other.

It wasn’t something specific that made Joey fall in love, she was just her. And for him, that was everything and more.

Mary is a light in Joey’s life that shines brighter every day.

When there’s an opportunity to be doing something better for others, Mary lets him know. “She pushes me to be positive,” he said.

Because of that, Joey owes it to Mary for encouraging him to uplift himself and view the world in a more optimistic way.

Mary also encourages Joey to keep the faith. Her unwavering faith in God has been the core of their relationship.

Since being together since 2012, Mary and Joey have shared so many great memories with each other.

One special moment he cherishes is the time they went to a Phish show together. Being in the pit, Mary was shorter, causing many of the guys to let her stand up on the rail.

After that, they shared a wonderful night together with a great view of the stage.

Joey looks forward to countless more memories to come, but no matter what they are doing, he wants to do it with her.

“I never express enough that my life just wouldn’t be as complete if it weren’t for her.” – Joeya great gift

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