Andrew & Busayo: Meant To Be

The year was 2020. It was the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and love filled the air like the smell of a Summer rose. Andrew Marquardt had connected with a girl named Busayo Kareem through a dating app; they were having their first face-to-face encounter at Nolin Lake.

“We really hit it off immediately,” Andrew said. “The first time I met her in-person I knew she was someone incredibly special.”

Busayo is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Each week, she works tirelessly for three 12-hour night shifts taking care of sick babies.

“She’s kind, caring, and nurturing. The kind of person you only find in movies,” Andrew said. “She’s an incredible nurse – but she’s an even better person.”

Andrew and Busayo have had so many adventures together with much more to come. A move by Andrew to a new city was their first big test as a couple, but they are closer now together because of it. Their future together is incredibly bright.

“Busayo has been my constant supporter through my highs and lows, and always my biggest cheerleader,” said Andrew. “She is also such a rare beauty, and she lights up a room with her smile and aura.”

One of three children born to Nigerian parents named Mukaila and Oremeyi, Busayo has always been a loving girlfriend to Andrew while inviting him into everything she has going on in her and her family’s life.

“She wants to be together and stay close,” Andrew said. “We have so much in common and love doing the same things.”

Together, Andrew and Busayo enjoy vegging out on the couch and watching Shark Tank or an HBO show. They also like being in nature together (somewhere tropical and warm, if possible); people watching while going out to eat; and driving through neighborhoods admiring beautiful real estate.

A lot of these activities have made for excellent memories created between the two of them. Andrew also fondly remembers a cruise they took in 2022 and the time he was able to take Busayo away to his family’s condo in St. Petersburg, Florida when they hadn’t even become official.

“That trip to the condo was one of my favorite times ever,” Andrew said. “The cruise was also amazing as we spent time together in a truly beautiful area.”

Through the highs and the lows, Andrew has found Busayo to be supportive, loyal, and kind and was quoted during a recent interview saying, “I truly cannot wait to make her mine.” Please check back in 60 years to find out more about their love story.

“Busayo constantly keeps me in her thoughts and supports me in my work,” Andrew said. “She has been someone who believed in me when others wouldn’t, and she always has trust in me that I will make it work.”

This Valentine’s Day, Andrew wants to make sure that Busayo knows just how much he appreciates her.

“I always have her on my mind,” Andrew said. “I love her more than anything, and I can’t wait to make a life together and build a family. She’s the most special person I have ever met, and she will always be with me.”


Andrew & Busayo: Meant To Be

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