‘A Blessing From God’: This is how Tami Hage’s entire family views her, and rightfully so

To her husband Michael, Tami Hage is his angel from heaven.

To her children Kala and Michael, Tami is their biggest supporter and comforter.

To her grandchildren Kenzie and Ellie, Tami is a homemaker who loves on them so much.

And to everyone else, Tami is the most wonderful, amazing person they have ever met. She is a great friend and an exceptional wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband speaks highly of her, and for good reason, as Tami’s personality is top notch.

“While Tami is a very natural striking beauty, her inner beauty is without comparison,” Michael said. “Her kindness is unparalleled. She is willing to take on your problems as if they are her own and help you resolve them. She frequently puts her husband’s, kids’ and grandkids’ needs above her own.”

Tami is very selfless in her ways. She treats everyone with nothing but kindness and respect, and she has a truly genuine heart.

Without Tami’s love and support over the years, her husband and children would feel lost. They know that she has brought them so much guidance and direction, and that she would do anything and everything for them.

Not only is Tami constantly there for her loved ones, but she is someone who is always doing what is right. Whether this entails her standing in someone’s corner in life or just making her presence felt, she is morally sound.

“She always ‘does the right thing,’” Michael said. “It’s not always easy to do in life, but she does it effortlessly and without consideration of the alternative.”

This might mean that Tami is going to tell it like it is, so you better be ready to handle the truth when you are around her. She is not one to beat around the bush, and this is something Michael and the kids have all grown to appreciate about Tami.

Michael also feels like every moment with Tami is a chance to learn something new and important in life. She is constantly lifting up others all around her, and she definitely does not give up on people easily either.

“She has the patience of a saint and is even-keeled in all circumstances,” Michael said.

Tami is a very approachable woman as well. People in her life feel like they can go to her for any advice and she is going to show her investment and true care for them.

When it comes to motherhood in particular, the list of positive things you can say about Tami is never-ending, but Michael tried his best to highlight some of the most important things in this regard.

“She is:


“Easy to talk to.

“Genuinely interested in her kids’/grandkids’ well-being.

“Actively involved.

“Great at listening and understanding.

“Proactively supportive.”

These things not only make Tami a great mother and grandmother either. It is also part of what makes her a wonderful wife, an extraordinary friend and someone you can easily get along with.

At the same time, there are many other things in which Michael would say he admires about his wife. She is one of a kind, and he knows this much.

“I admire her ability to do something for someone without any expectation of anything in return,” Michael said.

There is not an ounce of selfishness in Tami’s bones. She would do anything for anyone at any moment, and this is special.

“I admire her unwavering kindness, patience and willingness to help regardless of the circumstance,” Michael added.

On top of the utmost care and compassion Tami shows toward others, she is also very nice. She treats everyone the same, and she is also willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Tami has all the characteristics and qualities you look for in a lifetime partner, and that is something Michael realized right off the bat. He noticed she was different, and he did not ever want to let her go.

“I realized I couldn’t live without her long ago,” Michael said. “She’s the glue. She makes it all work. She’s everything! She’s the one I want to grow old with.”

Tami is the engine that keeps the train going, and she is the conductor behind the wheel as well. She holds her family tight to the vest, and they are all close to one another because of who the matriarch of this clan is.

Tami is a great role model as well, and Michael, the kids and the grandkids all look up to her with very good reason.

“Without her love and support through the years I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Our family wouldn’t be the same. She is God’s blessing to me!” – Michael

‘A Blessing From God’: Tami Hage

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