‘My Delta Girl’: From friends to lovers, Jada and Frank are certainly made for each other

It did not take long for Frank and Jada to realize they were made for each other. In fact, it only took them three weeks to realize that they were going to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. And despite Rickey Smiley jokingly publicly shaming Frank in front of their family and friends when he proposed to her, he knew the woman who said “yes” was his soulmate. 

Jada is a wonderful person with a great personality and great character. She is someone that people love to be around. At work she is known for her leadership and collaborative spirit. She is a great clinician, a master educator and has a history of scholarly success. She has a national reputation in her field of expertise of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It is super easy to see why her husband loves her so much. 

“She is smart, beautiful, caring and devoted to our family,” Frank said. “She is loyal, sweet and loving. She’s also classy, respectful and confident.” 

Any good quality you can think of someone having, Jada possesses it. She is a world class woman with a down home spirit. 

She is also the woman who balances out Frank. She complements him so well and is a great wife. He could not imagine his life without her. 

“She means everything to me,” Frank said. “She is my partner in so many different things, especially in raising our family. We are both doctors, and so we work well together personally and professionally. We both spend a great deal of time and effort mentoring others and taking care of underprivileged communities. We are both family oriented and she is someone I trust and enjoy spending time with.” 

And if you thought Jada couldn’t get any better, you find out she has a servant’s heart. She is reserved in many ways, but she is outspoken and a strong advocate for others when need be. She makes sure the people who need help get it, and she is someone who is truly great at empowering others to succeed. 

Jada is also a great mom to her two sons. She helped raise Kelvin and Jayden to become thoughtful and amazing young men, and Frank knows it is all because of the mom they have as a role model. 

“She is a great mother,” Frank said. “She truly loves her boys and is very proud of them. She has always been very understanding of them, and able to get them to open up to her about anything. She is silly around them and able to let her hair down. She is very protective of them, yet she encourages them to step out and take chances.” 

Supporting others is one of the things Jada does best, and that is why her family, friends, and colleagues love her and appreciate her. Jada has always been there for them. She is very giving and generous with her time and finds it hard to say no.

Jada is Frank’s number one supporter and his confidant. He knows she will always have his back. She is the light of his life and his best friend, and the person he could not live without.

“From the very beginning when she came into my life, I knew she was the right person for me. She checked all the boxes… Smart, beautiful, sexy, funny, compassionate, professional, classy, Christian, caring, silly, trustworthy, visionary, great family, and a DELTA girl!” – Frank

‘My Delta Girl’: Jada

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