Noelle Vandiver: Success & Love

Noelle Vandiver chose to leave her successful career as a marketing representative to take on the most challenging and rewarding job there is; a full time mother. This isn’t surprising considering that Noelle has showed time and time again that her family is the most important thing in life.  

Family has always been important to Noelle ever since her days growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her parents, Ray and Martha Morgan, made sure of that for her and her brother David. 

Her three children Jackson (25), Kathryn (22) and Julia (18) are certainly lucky to have grown up with an amazing mother who not only never failed to put their well being over hers but also instilled in them how important family is. The only person on earth who might be luckier than her three children is her husband Jeff. 

Jeff was lucky enough to meet Noelle on the third day of couple’s freshman year at Wake Forest University. Even though he knew right away that she was the one, Jeff had to do a little convincing over time before Noelle felt the same way. That little bit of convincing went a long way as Jeff and Noelle have been together for 35 years now and married for 30 of those years. 

If you ask Jeff to try and pick his favorite memories over the last 35 years, he’ll tell you it’s near impossible to narrow them down. Some memories do stick out however. Their trip to Italy for their 20th anniversary was certainly a standout along with their amazing bike ride in Calistoga. 

While a lot has changed over the years for Jeff and Noelle, Noelle’s selfless personality has remained unchanged. That part of her is so insistent that she uses her expert level skills in needlepoint as a way to create and provide unique gifts to her friends and family.  

Her selflessness has rubbed off on Jeff as well. “Noelle lives her life in such a way that makes me want to be a better man, not just for her but for myself and our family,” Jeff explained. “I love her with all my heart and I am so blessed to be her husband after all these years. She really is my best friend. She truly knows me better than anyone and in spite of that, she  somehow still loves me. I am so humbled and blessed.”


Noelle Vandiver: Success & Love

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