All In Faith: Jessica Blanchard has brought God to the center of her family

Only one thing is more important than family in the Blanchard household.

That one thing? God.

Jessica and Aaron have helped create a strong Christian foundation in their three children, as well as themselves, and Aaron is always admired when he thinks of the true woman of faith that his wife is.

“She has a huge heart and loves passionately, loves God as a Christian woman, will do anything for anybody and puts her needs second,” Aaron said. “My wife supports her family with all that she can and will give anything when in need. She has patience for all and gives anybody a second or third or fourth chance. She is a beautiful woman that never seems to age.”

As she continues to grow as a woman and as a child of God, Aaron continues to admire her more and more, and he continues to fall in love with her all over again every single day.

“What makes her a good parent is the way she loves our children and I,” Aaron said. “She takes care of anything for us and does it all with love.”

Everything Jessica does, she does in love, and her family appreciates her for this.

She is always there and she is always present, and her family is glad to have the support they do from Jessica every single day.

“In her free time, she likes going to any and all of our kids’ sporting events or band concerts and anything else that they are interested in,” Aaron said. “She enjoys crafting with her friends and going on dates with me when possible.”

While Jessica loves spending time with her friends and she certainly enjoys the little moments alone with her husband, her kids come before anything else, first and foremost.

She also has a trait that not many people truly have, and it really sets her above the rest.

That trait? Forgiveness.

“I admire her ability to forgive other people and her willingness to go out of her way to accommodate anybody,” Aaron said.

Whether it is the inner-Christian in her coming out or just the fact that she is such a caring person, her forgiveness truly stands the test of time.

Aaron loves his wife for all of the amazing qualities she has, and he is glad that God paired him with such a wonderful woman.

She is his best friend, and she has truly changed his life for the better.

“She is my world, and I would be lost without her and our kids. She is an amazing woman and I wish I could give her more, but I know she would just give it to our kids.“ – Aaron

Keep being the selfless woman you are, Jessica.

all in faith

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