Always Give 100%: Alison Kelley is an amazing mother and nurse who shows compassion every single day

Alison Kelley is the true definition of caring and nurturing. Her love goes far beyond her homelife, as it extends toward work and everything in between. She was a pediatric nurse and now is a professor, and she loves helping take care of people in any way that she can.

This is especially true when Alison is at home with her three children.

“She is always there for us when we need her,” her kids said. “She will stop whatever she is doing to make sure our needs are met. She goes well above and beyond to put us first. She is amazing. She is caring and compassionate. She will stay up all night with us when we are sick. She goes to as many sports games as possible for us. It is hard to put into words how amazing she is. She does things she doesn’t enjoy for us. She never gives up.”

The innumerable amount of things Alison does for her children does not go unnoticed, and they appreciate all she has done for them. She has always been there for them, and she cannot do anything less than 100 percent.

She shows up for her kids, and she can also be a goofball, always helping to lighten the mood no matter what.

“During my soccer game I looked over and saw mom making funny faces at me,” her son, Ethan, said.

He knows that no matter how good or bad he may be playing on the field, he always has his mom’s support. Alison is proud of all that he does and accomplished on and off the field, no matter how big or small, and she is proud of everything her kids do.

She is also a shoulder to cry on and shows her proudness in a variety of ways.

“In kindergarten when I was graduating, I was singing on the stage and I could see Mom’s happy tears; when our dog, Darla, passed away, she stayed by my side and hugged away my tears,” Alison’s middle child, Mia, said.

Through the happiest and saddest moments, she is always there for her children. She sticks by their side, and they cherish their moments with their mom.

She has created so many memories in their lives, and they always have a difficult time narrowing down their top moments with Alison. That shows the impact she has on their lives every day, and it shows how much she means to them.

“During Thanksgiving she touched a turkey carcass and started gagging,” her oldest daughter, Hope, said. “Everyone started hysterically laughing because she can deal with pediatric trauma, death, destruction, and mayhem at work, but that is what makes her sick.”

Everyone has a trigger in every situation, and they certainly found what grosses Alison out at Thanksgiving. Despite that one little thing that makes no sense, her kids love her to death. Spending time with them is her favorite part to any day, and vice versa. They cannot wait to make many more memories with their mom over the years, and they are proud to be her children.

“Mom, we love you so much. You’re the best. You are amazing, sweet and kind. You mean the world to us.”always give 100%

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