‘So Grateful’: Through good times and challenges, Christine Briggs has shown her kids what unconditional love is

Little things feel so big for David, Billy and Sarah as they think back to all the great memories they share with their mother, Christine. Even the most mundane car rides are remembered with reverence as Chris would belt out her favorite ‘70s hits or make her kids laugh and roll their eyes with clever puns and “dad jokes.”

And that’s one of the things that sticks with all three of Christine’s kids. They ALWAYS had their mom’s full attention, which was perhaps more meaningful than their mom even realized. There was never any doubt or hesitation that she cared or that she would protect them or make sacrifices on their behalf. 

When they’re together, life just feels a little easier and a little less complicated, which is a gift that Christine shares with family and friends alike.

“She always makes simple times together special,” her kids said.

Christine has done what many of the best parents do and nitpicks her performance as a mom by wondering if she could have done anything differently. But from her kids’ view, she always showed up with an uplifting word and unfaltering support.

The combination of those qualities is rare in a parent, especially with Christine’s level of consistency. Outside forces — good times, bad times or in between — had no bearing on how she prioritized her family.

“She always says she might not have been the best mom but she always loved her kids,” David and Sarah said. “Her kids would argue that is what made her the best mom. She has always given to her kids before herself. She has always been a good friend as well as a mom. She always lets us know the tough truth but always provides us comfort in tough times. She is an amazing mother who loves unconditionally.”

David, Billy and Sarah are filled with gratitude for those tough truths and their mom’s tough-mindedness when life dealt them a bad hand. They’ve learned from that example and try their hardest to apply some of those amazing qualities in their own lives. Christine made it crystal clear where the kids stood with her and how much she valued being her best self for them.

And what more could any of them ask for? She taught such valuable lessons by living what she stood for and setting such a loving example in her home, no matter what might be happening in the outside world.

“We admire her resiliency,” they said. “Things haven’t always been easy but through all adversity she uses her favorite advice to give, “take one step at a time” and she gets through the hard times and leads by example with compassion and fortitude. 

“It is just her spirit and her love and her wonderful sense of humor and being there for people no matter what she is going through herself.”

All three kids have the utmost admiration and love for the mother who showed them what it means to be human, to work through challenges, and to never lose sight of their kindness in doing so. They are nothing but grateful to learn those life lessons from her that were often disguised as laughter and love. 

“We are so grateful for everything you have provided to us throughout our lives,” they said. “We haven’t been the easiest kids, but you have made us all feel easy to be loved. We recognize the sacrifices you’ve made to give us your all. It is one thing to have a mom to love and depend on, but each of us has found a best friend in you. We hope this feature gives a glimpse into the overwhelming love we have for you.”

so grateful - Christine Briggs

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