Superwoman: Chelsea is everything Patrick ever dreamed of and then some

When it comes to girlfriends, Patrick Austin knows he is a lucky man. He is in a relationship with Chelsea Delvaux, after all.

Delvaux is a one-of-a-kind superwoman – a loyal partner, a loving mother, a United States Navy veteran, and a cancer survivor.

“She has made me into such a better person and helped me become more empathetic and open to other people,” Austin said. “Through all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing and can’t wait to grow old with her.”

With parents who were both in the U.S. Navy, Delvaux was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and lived in seven places (including two countries in Europe) before graduating high school. She then enrolled in the naval academy herself and lived in Missouri, Illinois, Japan, Bahrain, and California on three separate occasions.

All of a sudden, Delvaux had a duo of life-changing situations come her way. She was pregnant, and she had cancer.

Delvaux, at this point in her early 20s, left the Navy as she learned to embrace one (motherhood) and fight the other (cancer).

“Chelsea is extremely strong, having overcome so much,” said Austin. “I admire her tenacity to never let a bad hand she’s dealt to break her spirit.”

Delvaux’s son, Tristan, is now 11 years old. Austin admires how Delvaux has become such an excellent mother, as she sacrificially puts Tristan above anything and anyone, including herself.

“She expends extraordinary energy making sure Tristan gets everything he needs and wants, including making sure everybody in his life treats him with the respect and care he deserves,” Austin said.

After beating cancer, Delvaux worked in dentistry for 10 years. She recently started as a dentistry expert for a law firm that represents doctors in malpractice lawsuits.

“My favorite quality is her ability and willingness to always work at improving herself,” said Austin. “She is constantly self-reflecting and trying to become a better person.”

Over five years ago, Delvaux and Austin met on Tinder. “We haven’t spent more than a day apart since,” said Austin.

Their first date included her hustling Austin in a game of pool, the two of them getting into a closed poker room, a church parking lot, and Waffle House.

They have hardly slowed down since.

Some of their favorite memories together are an impromptu trip to Atlanta, dancing at their friends Kurt and Jen’s wedding, and trips to Colorado and Tennessee.

“We like going to music festivals, camping, taking family walks, and taking weekend trips to Atlanta,” Austin said. “I remember laying on the living room floor the first morning of our first trip to Atlanta and being silly for hours.”

Fun, happy memories are not the only thing that keep this relationship strong, however. Austin is quick to point out that Delvaux has been a devoted girlfriend who has helped him through the darkness and pain of addiction.

“When she found out about my addiction issues she didn’t leave, but she helped me find the path out,” said Austin. “She stuck by me even though she had every right to not.”

This Valentine’s Day, Austin wants to make sure that Delvaux knows he is appreciative of her love and support.

“She holds me accountable in all areas and has stuck with me through my personal ups and downs,” Austin said.

For that, Austin knows he is a lucky man.



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