Making An Impact: Nicole is an advocate and a difference-maker for so many people

Together, Greg and Nicole have created a big, beautiful, blended family, and Greg is excited to get married to his fiancée.

Life with Nicole is so much better than it was before they got together, and this is because of Nicole’s amazing personality and special ability to love everyone and everything. She has a special gift giving ability due to her knack of knowing the important people in her life very well, but more than that, she has a big place in her heart for animals as well.

“She cares more about animals and everyone else than herself,” Greg said. “She has an ability to help anyone going through something that troubles them, and give them a sense of peace again. She also is like an animal whisperer because she works with animal shelters and helps the animals with the worst problems before anything else.”

Nicole is so giving with her time, making sacrifices to show how selfless and caring she is to both people and animals. She has such a huge heart that makes room for more people and more animals each and every day.

Nicole is also an optimist who has an ability to help people and animals alike get through anything.

“She brings the light back to anyone or animal that is going through the dark,” Greg said. “She has gone through a life with conflict and heartache and depression, but did not become a victim of it. She is a survivor of it and helps those that think no one can help themselves.”

Nicole has used her own life experiences to help others who are going through the same struggles get through them. She wants to see everyone overcome life’s lows, because that is exactly what she was able to do, and her lifelong advocacy is truly making a difference in so many lives.

Greg is appreciative of the love his wife exudes onto other people, and he knows that a big part of who she is is because of how well her parents raised her. Now she is working on raising her own kids up in a similar way, trying to ensure they will live the best lives they can possibly live.

“I watch her in awe, when she is the hardest worker I see at work, and then she comes home to another job of taking care of the household and the kids and animals and me and herself,” Greg said. “She makes me want to be the hardest working guy I can be, and she makes me want to help her in every way I can.”

Greg has never met someone more hardworking and dedicated to everything she does than his soon-to-be wife. She has taught him what perseverance and determination look like, as well as how to truly love, and she has shown him how to find that balance in life of work life and family life.

Greg is just so grateful for the loving woman he gets to spend the rest of his life with, and he is glad their kids all get to have such a determined mother who is always going to make them a priority. The appreciation for Nicole runs deep, and words do not do what Nicole means to Greg justice.

“She is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,” he said. “She is an amazing mom, an amazing person, my best friend and my lover. She is very special to everyone around her. She is worth the stars and the moon in value.”

making an impact

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