‘The Only One For Us’: Michelle is the only person Karl and the kids ever want to call wife/mom

Everyone has their own way of describing the matriarch of their family.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Michelle Brazell’s husband and kids what their favorite qualities about her are.

If you ask Aubrey (6), she will tell you her favorite thing is “when we get to go to parks and play with mommy or other kids.”

Tyler (10), on the other hand, will tell you “She’s strict, but she is very nice and caring, and that will make me better when I grow up.”

Wyatt (9) will tell you much the same, and Wesley is only 10-months-old, so you are not going to get much out of him. They each have a different way of describing their mother, but one thing remains the same, they love Michelle and are glad that she is their mommy.

Her husband, Karl, describes his wife in an even different light than his kids, and this just goes to show that, no matter who you are talking to, Michelle means so much to each and every one of her family members… especially her husband and kids.

“At the heart of things, she is an amazing soul,” Karl said. “She impresses me every day and has the ability to adapt, and she challenges my problem-solving ability a lot of the time, which always keeps me on my toes.”

Karl might have problem-solving abilities, but Michelle has special problem-solving abilities that allows her to be the best mother and provider for their children. She has the keen sense of being able to see what is wrong and figure out a solution very quickly, which bodes well when it comes to raising young children.

She is just someone who loves her children more than anything, and she would do anything and everything to make sure they have whatever it is they need, and Karl knows his wife is the ultimate provider for the Piersing family.

“She is like a true mama bear,” Karl said. “She would do anything for her kids and, even if it was kids under her charge – nephew/cousins/etc. – I would not get between whoever threatened our kids if that ever occurred.”

Do not come between this mom and her babies, because this mom is going to win ten times out of ten. She cares too much about her kids to let anything happen to them.

Michelle also loves creating endless memories with her children, and there are so many things they love to do with her.

“Aubrey said she likes everything about mommy,” Karl said. “Meanwhile Tyler said he enjoys when mommy tosses football or baseballs in the yard after school.”

As long as the kids are around their mom, they are more than content.

Karl loves seeing this bond between his wife and children, and he knows that she is the best role model they could ever ask for. She is making an impact in all their lives, and he knows they are going to grow up to be great people because Michelle is the one leading the charge, raising them up the right way.

“She is the best mother I know,” Karl said. “I know myself and the kids can be ungrateful or not truly appreciate her at times, but she needs to know that the kids and I would never want anyone else in our lives.”the only one for us

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