Does your gift really last forever?

Here at, one of the personal guarantees some of our journalists like to give is that your story is one that lasts forever.

Whenever we tell people that, however, they may be asking themselves if that is actually true. I am here to tell you that this is 100 percent true. When you order a story from, you are getting a gift that lasts forever.

How is that possible?

Well, because you are always going to have access to your story no matter what. Whether you order your personalized story with or without the newspaper design, the fact remains the same. You will receive a finalized copy of the product in your email inbox that will last forever.

What you say about a loved one is not going to change. Because you are saying exactly how you feel about someone, those feelings and words are encapsulated in your story. The likelihood of you giving them the story and the next day deciding that was all a lie is next to zero percent.

Are we saying your feelings cannot change? No, we’re not. We know that things happen and feelings can change.

However, when you decide to order a story from us, that typically means you have really strong feelings for whoever the story is about. You probably realize there is no better way to show just how much they mean to you than by getting them a FrontPage Story.

And on top of that, stories stay relevant forever. Even if something drastic changes in your loved one’s life, at the time of writing your story that change had not yet happened.

Overall, when you think about it, it will be nice to, in 10 years, look back and see how much more you have grown with this person since you had this story written for them. Your future self will certainly be grateful that your past self decided to order this everlasting gift.

And even if you decide to have a memorial story written for someone, it’s all the same. The story will stay relevant forever and will truly be a gift that will stand the test of time.

So, to answer the originally posed question, yes, your FrontPage gift really does last forever. It will always be relevant and it is something you will always be able to access. Even if normal wear and tear happens to the printed version, you will always have the original in your inbox.

So, stop worrying about the sustainability of your gift and order your personalized newspaper story already. It will be appreciated and remembered for forever and always.

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