A Wife Of Noble Character: I’ve found my Proverbs 31 woman in my wife, Kara, and life with her couldn’t be any better

Story written by Joshua Wyant

Who can find a good woman these days?

In a world that questions what one actually is, I have found The Woman! She is more prized than a late season win over our rival. Go Buckeyes! Beat Xichigan!

She is trustworthy, charming, beautiful inside and out, and she has wisdom and foresight. She volunteers time when she has little, she stays up late to answer emails and she loves deeply.

I can trust her, and she has greatly enriched my plate. She brings good snacks and drinks, and even makes me consider vegetables without disdain.

We walk and ride bikes as we take in God’s beauty. She finds deals at Aldi and Meijer and busily puts them in her cart. She is like Amazon bringing food to my home.

She gets up when the hour hurts to prepare for her patients, and when Saturday comes she does not stay in bed.

She runs on the treadmill and makes breakfast for others. She goes to Menards and Lowes and carefully inspects their flowers. She brings beauty to our landscaping as she works vigorously in the heat.

We do not waste money. She teaches our sons how to properly attend to the flowers by watering them daily.

I lean over in bed and notice the glow of her cell phone as she reads emails and prepares for the next day. She volunteers time on Sundays to help those that are less fortunate and shares with them Christ’s love.

She dresses with professionalism and beauty. Her husband is well-known as the Buckeye who donates his truck for the play, where he sits comfortably in his own skin.

She goes through her sons’ closets and bags clothes that no longer fit but have value so they can be worn by others. She laughs without fear as our politics unravel with her profession at the core of their dispute.

When she speaks her words are wise and she gives instructions with kindness. She carefully watches everything in her household and is greatly loved by all her boys.

Her sons honor and love her and her husband praises her.

She is the kind of physician everyone would want, because she is patient with her patients. When inevitably some die from either a disease or old age, she sends the surviving members of the family sympathy cards and will attend the funeral.

We have come off the heels of a pandemic that our politicians used as leverage for power and it divided us as a nation. She did not complain. Instead she would get up early and drive around the city of Ann Arbor and pray for the people.

She would walk the campus of Michigan – where she works – and would pray for God to move. If people would not join her from the church I would.

There are many women in the world, but none are quite like you. My wife has charm and beauty, but above all she knows and serves the Lord and will be praised for years to come!

Lord, reward her for all she has done. Let her actions speak volumes and bring you glory!

I am forever grateful she said yes. I will always do my best to love her. She is my sunshine and I am so very very blessed to live this life with her.

To my wife of noble character.

All my love, Joshua.


a wife of noble character

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