‘God’s Greatest Gift’: Letty is everything to her family and they could not imagine what their lives would look like without her

The word gift has many meanings and definitions in the dictionary, but to the Moreno family their matriarch, Letty, is the greatest gift they could ever ask for.

This Wizard of Oz loving wife and mother is someone who puts a smile on her husband’s face each and every day and she is a role model to their two children. She is their Yellow Brick Road to happiness and she is the reason their lives are as amazing as they are.

From the moment her husband George first started going out with Letty he knew he was dating way out of his league, but that has always made him thankful that God has blessed him with such an amazing woman.

“She was just such a happy person,” George said.”She had beautiful blonde hair and she has always been so vibrant. Being around her made me happy because she is always so positive and so happy. It also helped that she was and is drop dead gorgeous. She also just carried herself in a way that I said, ‘Wow, I want to know this person more.’”

Letty has a sense of optimism in life that is felt by so many others all around her, and this not only includes her husband but her children as well. Damaris and Georgie both realize what an amazing mother they have and they love how positive she is in every aspect of life.

“She’s a very happy person,” Georgie said. “You would never catch her sad. She is always lively and energetic.”

Upbeat people are hard to come by, but when you get to know Letty you realize that living life to the fullest and having a positive outlook on things is not a difficult concept. She will not go anywhere without that amazing smile on her face, and that is just one of the many things that makes her who she is.

Being an extraordinary mother is another thing that makes Letty who she is, as she is someone who is constantly there for her children. Both Damaris and Georgie know they can count on their mother to be there for them day or night, and they are appreciative of all she has ever done to provide for them.

“She means probably everything to me,” Damaris said. “She’s one of my role models. She’s very hardworking. She had her own business, and maintaining work and the life she did has inspired me to be better. Her work ethic inspires me. I hope to be like her in that aspect when I grow older.”

Working hard is part of Letty’s nature and it is just part of the reason her children look up to her. She is someone that will never settle for second best and that is why she is great at so many things.

“I love the way she cooks,” Georgie said. “I love that she’s hardworking. I love that she does everything for us. I love her sense of humor.”

It’s clear that Letty is the total package and she is someone who has such a big heart for people. She is selfless and loving and she is easy to get along with, and it is easy to see why her family talks so highly of her.

“She is devoted and loyal,” George said. “She would run though walls and fires for her family and her kids. If it’s in her kids’ best interest, she will do it. It’s refreshing to see this type of motherly love. It’s how a mother should be with her kids.”

On top of this, Letty is also an amazing daughter to her parents and an extremely wonderful wife to her husband, and George even told her recently that she is everything the Bible says a wife should be.

Letty is his Proverbs 31 woman and the two of them are clearly meant to be, and George is gracious for this fact.

“They say opposites attract,” Damaris said. “My mom is very outgoing and my dad is very much the shy type. They balance each other out. Whenever they encounter an obstacle or problem, they don’t argue but instead complement each other. They are a very strong couple.”

Letty is a Godly woman who is also a Godly wife, and the fact that their kids notice how wonderful their parents are together speaks volumes to the woman that Letty is.

She is also someone who treats everyone around her the right way, and she loves to love people the way that Jesus does.

“She’s a very loyal person,” Georgie said. “She would never say anything bad about anybody at all. She puts a lot of trust into her friends. She trusts a lot of people. She usually has no hate toward others. She forgives really easily and she doesn’t dwell on the past.”

If you want to learn how to treat others well, then you should follow suit with the way Letty loves others. She follows the Golden Rule stated in Matthew 6:12, and she is a true friend to the masses.

She has also taught her family many life lessons throughout life, some of which can be found in her favorite movie. On top of showing her family to have a brain, a heart and courage, she has shown them the way of Dorothy, which is to never give up.

“She’s taught us to not give up,” Damaris said. “Never quit. If you are going to start something, finish it. You don’t want those regrets later on in life. You don’t want to say later on, ‘I never should have quit this.’ Never quit and be yourself around other people. Never act different around others.”

This is the type of life Letty has lived, and that is the type of life her husband and kids hope to model. She is a one of a kind woman who deserves the world, and her family is so thankful for all she brings to the table.

“My wife is so positive, loving, caring and passionate about what she believes in,” George said. “She has all the love in the world to give and sometimes cares too much, but that’s what makes her special. She is the best human being that I know and I strive everyday to be more like her.”

As they say in the Wizard of Oz, “A heart is not measured by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others,” and this describes Letty perfectly. She is loved and appreciated by so many and she is truly the best.

Happy Birthday Letty!

God's greatest gift

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