‘Heart Stealer’: Molly stole Jon’s heart from the day they met, and his heart will always be full because of her

When Jon White met his fiancée Molly Maine his heart became so full.

She is such a special woman with so much love and compassion to give, and she has a sense of selflessness unlike any other. Molly cares so much for everyone, and she will be there for you day or night, no questions asked.

“She is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make others happy, and also in times of need,” Jon said. “She rescued her dog Pablo because the hospital was going to put him down and they needed someone to rescue him on a whim. She then invested money, care and love, which required multiple surgeries and rehab. We rescued our dog Tank together after he was in a shelter for six months. She always sets time aside despite her frantic schedule.”

As a certified dog mom, Molly is the ultimate provider for both Pablo and Tank. She makes sure they have everything they need, and she has shown nothing but love toward them since the day she adopted each of them. From having enough treats and toys to making sure they go out on multiple walks; Molly is there for them.

In much the same way, Jon knows Molly will also make a great mother to their children when that day comes. He sees how loving and amazing she is with the dogs and he can only imagine how loving and amazing she will be with their future children.

“She will be a good parent because she shows unconditional love to her two dogs, who she treats as children,” Jon said. “She is always there in any emergency, and she has previously put herself in debt to rescue Pablo and put him through many surgeries.”

Pablo and Tank each require special attention and they do not go on walks together, so that is additional time Molly takes out of her day to spend with them, which is time well spent in her eyes.

She also loves spending time with her soon-to-be-husband as well, as she makes it a point to get away with Jon as much as possible.

“She enjoys going to vineyards, breweries and restaurants with me when we have the time,” Jon said. “We met at a bar called Eli Cannons. I remember she told me a funny story in which she tried to get into their famous Mug Club, but the waiting list was so long that it was essentially a fruitless endeavor. Occasionally we try outdoor activities as well – hiking, boating and going to her family’s beach house at times.” 

Any sporting event or outdoor activity they can do together, they do it. Molly is such a thrill-seeker and an outdoorsy person that she is always trying new activities and going on new adventures.

“She’s willing to try things that she’s never done before, such as water skiing, wakeboarding or parasailing in Turks and Caicos,” Jon said.

“Another thing I admire about Molly is she is passionate about the well-being of others, which extends to her career as well in helping her patients recover from their injuries,” Jon added. “She is very close with her family, and she is very protective of her loved ones”.

From holidays to birthdays, Molly is constantly spending time with her family. She loves them dearly and would do anything to make sure they are safe and protected, and her family-first mentality is what makes Molly who she is.

She is also a very hardworking individual who received her doctorate in Physical Therapy, which is the field she has been working in for over five years now. Seeing her passion and dedication to the job has helped push Jon each and every day to work hard himself, amongst other things he has learned from his amazing woman.

“She pushes me to get up earlier, go to bed earlier and to be neater, even if she has to pull her hair out doing so,” Jon said. “Watching her daily routine inspires me to be more efficient with my time. Most importantly, I have matured and become a better man by spending time living with her over the past two years.”

Day in and day out Jon learns a thing or two from Molly, and he is grateful for the consistency she brings to his life. He knows that no matter where they live and no matter what is going on in their lives, as long as they are together that is all that matters.

“Our love has survived three locations – Middletown, Old Saybrook and Ivoryton,” Jon said. “It has lasted through doggy surgeries (Pablo) and doggy training (Tank). It has survived a whole pandemic and a move from apartments to the first house. You may never get into the Mug Club at Eli’s, but you will always have a place in my heart.”

To the future Mrs. Molly White.


heart stealer

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