Doubtless Loyalty: Patrick has shown his loyalty in all aspects of life, and he has served this country well

If there is one thing for certain when talking about Patrick Caldwell, it is his loyalty.

He is loyal to his family, his work and his country.

For six-plus years (June 2006 – December 2012), Patrick served in the United States Army at Fort Drum, NY and Fort Huachuca, AZ with a deployment to FOB Warrior in Iraq.  Patrick brough great credit to himself and the United States Army!

He is a proud veteran who is currently working for the great state of Massachusetts in the Department of Corrections.  His service is appreciated by his family, but more importantly, he is a devoted husband and father. He always puts Stephanie, Georgia and Dean before anything else, and people love Patrick for all he does for his family.

“He’s a loving husband, father and son,” his mom and dad, Gemma and Michael, said. “He loves to provide for his family, and he loves to support his family and friends. He’s also very protective of his family. On top of that, he has a huge heart and loves to lend a hand to those in need!”

Nothing can come between Patrick and his family. He makes sure of this with each passing day, and he is truly loved and supported by them.

What’s more is he has such a servant’s heart. Despite giving everything to protect this country for six years, that is not enough for Patrick. He always wants to give back in any way he can, and that is a personality trait that is not seen in many people.

Serving in the Army also comes with the necessity to be on your toes at all times and make sure you are prepared for whatever life throws at you. This includes up and moving with your family, and his wife and kids have always been willing and ready, and that just shows how much they truly care about and appreciate Patrick.

“I admire his ability to adapt to change and continue to thrive,” Michael said. “As a military couple, they’ve been asked to move on a regular basis. He’s done this with a positive attitude and looks forward to each environment.”

He is someone who does not complain, as he always remembers why he does what he does. Patrick cares so much about his family and those around him and he has shown it time and time again through his time in the Army, as well as being positive and supportive while his wife, Stephanie, served Honorably in the United States Coast Guard.

Patrick is always going to protect his own, and he is dedicated to showing this protection time and time again. His family loves him and is so thankful for who Patrick is.

“He means the world to his mom and I,” Michael said. “We are so proud of the person he’s become.”  Keep a smile on your face – remember singing “I feel like a woman” and a huge 100 pound Doberman jumping 3 feet in the air when a small Gecko dropped from the sky.

Patrick is truly a blessing, and he is one-of-a-kind. He is appreciated for all that he does, and he is an amazing family man. Anyone who knows him knows what a blessing he is, and they are glad to know him.

“He’s sacrificed for his country and his family. We want him to know that, although we live over 1,000 miles apart, we love him very much and are very proud of the man he’s become!” – Gemma

Thank you for your service, Patrick!doubtless loyalty

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