Dream BIG: Carly Rezac is a “positivity magnet” whose personality is built around optimism, a strong drive and a huge heart

The next time you are in a bad mood, just remember the name Carly Rezac.

On August 13, 2003, Carly was born, and she has been shining a light on her family, friends and everyone else around her ever since. According to her dad, Dj, she is a “positivity magnet.” No matter where Carly goes, she brings joy with her.

Carly sees the bright side and learns from her failures. While many people let their failures define them, Carly uses her failures to create an untenable optimism. She always sees the bright side and is always willing to use situations to show positivity.

“One day, she brought home a big sucker and her little brothers tried to wrestle it away,” Dj said. “It ended up breaking in four or five pieces and Carly says, ‘That’s ok. I was going to share anyways.’”

That is exactly the kind of outlook she has on life. She turns what might look like a negative situation at a surface level into a completely positive situation.

“When she was younger she would sometimes laugh uncontrollably until she would cry,” Dj said. “And then she would say, ‘I don’t know why I am crying.’”

Carly always has a smile on her face, and she tries not to let anything get to her. She grew up cheering and singing in show choir, while also dancing for the last 14 years and ice skating when she was younger. She has made many friendships along the way, and has always worked to make her friends’ days, especially when they are not having the best of days.

“At her first ice skating competition she was five years old and I told her that mom and I were so scared,” Dj said. “She looks at me and says, ‘Why were you two scared? You guys weren’t doing anything, I was!’”

That is the kind of attitude Carly has brought to life ever since a young age, and that is the kind of attitude she hopes to carry with her the rest of her life.

“There are so many things I admire about Carly,” her mom Lisa said. “Her huge heart. Her strong voice and how she stands up for herself in a way that is strong but not aggressive. Her work ethic – she sets her mind to something and will get it done. She perseveres. She has such a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. Her confidence. She also brightens up every room!”

Carly’s compassion is also second to none. She has an unbreakable bond with her brothers and would do anything for them.

“She is always willing to jump in and help her brothers and their friends,” Lisa said. “She has a loyalty to them. She will take them to Target, Taco Bell, McDonald’s or wherever they want. She roots for them. She helps them with shopping and fashion choices.”

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Even though she is the only girl among five children, that does not stop her from being the one to look out for her brothers. Carly loves her brothers and is always there for them.

Carly also has a strong drive for excellence. She sets big dreams and works hard to achieve them. Her next dream? Attending college in the fall for premed!

“She has grown up into a young woman and has all the potential to chase her dreams,” Dj said.

Carly is currently choosing between five schools – Miami (FL), University of South Florida, Wake Forest, Indiana and Arizona. No matter where she chooses to attend school, Carly is bound for great things and is sure to be the life of the party wherever she goes.

Dj said that if Carly were to give someone any life advice, it would probably be, “When you want something you put in the work!”

To achieve great things, you have to be willing to put in the work, and Carly realizes this. That is why she dreams big and sets big goals for herself. She is always willing to go above and beyond, and she works to be great at everything she does.

“She loves to perform,” Lisa said. “She loves to entertain others and her hobbies are always about sharing something, whether it’s her voice, or art, or fashion, she always wants to share it with others.”

Carly strives to entertain and bring happiness while also being great at what she does. That’s why her father says she loves big cities and is meant to be on the stage. No matter where she goes, it’s like a stage light is shining right on her.

“She has always had the sweetest demeanor since she was a tiny baby,” Lisa said.

She constantly gives back and shows off her talents and skills in the sweetest way. Carly’s parents love her for this and know she is destined for greatness.

“She means the world to us,” Lisa said. “We are so lucky to be chosen to be her parents. She makes us proud every day.”

Carly means everything to Lisa and Dj, and Dj said she stole his heart from day one. She has a constant willingness to learn and dream, and her inner beauty matches her outer beauty.

“She is loved unconditionally,” Dj said. “She will fail at times, but she is strong and brave. She is a part of a loving family that will always be here for her. She will be an incredible person as a grown woman. She knows that she is loved.”

Happy 18th birthday Carly!

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