Father’s Day 2023 gifts: Five can’t miss electronics items for under $100


A Bluetooth turntable available on Amazon for $79.89.

*updated March 30, 2023

We are a few weeks removed from Mother’s Day, which can only mean one thing: we are quickly approaching Father’s Day. That being said, if you have not planned out Dad’s gift yet, you better hurry. But fear not, because we are here to help.

You can order a once-in-a-lifetime gift that will last Dad a lifetime with a story from My FrontPage Story. We can give you the perfect gift for Dad without the hassle of running out to the store or browsing online trying to find a great Father’s Day deal.

We have the perfect Father’s Day deal, as you get a timely keepsake, and you get a discount when you use the code FATHER2023. However, this deal will not last forever and not all dads may enjoy this type of gift. Don’t worry, we will try not to hold that against him too much.

If you decide you don’t want to go down the story route, we’ve still got you covered, as we will tell you five of our top choices for electronics that won’t break the bank and should be here in time for Father’s Day. Here’s our choices for some of the best electronics to get Dad for under $100:

1.) Wahl All in One Men’s Grooming Kit ($39.99)

What dad does not love a clean shave? With the all in one grooming kit, Dad can shorten his beard, shave his moustache and trim his nose and ears. Give Dad the ease of being able to groom his entire face with one device.

2.) Flipper Big Button Universal Remote ($39.95)

Have a Dad who is getting up there in age? Remind him with the Big Button Universal Remote while also allowing him to control everything with one clicker rather than many.

3.) Bluetooth Enabled Three-Speed Vinyl Turntable ($99.00)

Does Dad still have his old records collecting dust in the garage? This turntable gives him the ability to jam out to oldies without the fuss of an old turntable. He can connect this one to a speaker and have the crisp audio of the 1900s at his fingertips.

4.) Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse ($49.99)

With technology running rampant in today’s age, Dad’s are beginning to livestream on different channels. This mouse will give your Dad something a little better to work with than a 1990s mouse.

5.) 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag ($32.86)

This may not technically be “technology,” but it does go hand-in-hand with this category. If your Dad loves taking photographs but does not have the steadiest of hands, this is the perfect gift for him. Just connect a camera and he is golden.

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