Father’s Day 2023 gifts: Five unique socks and clothing options that are fun and affordable

pizza socks

A four-pack of pizza socks available on Amazon for $25.99.

*updated March 30, 2023

Even in 2023, Father’s Day is still treated like the lesser of the parental holidays, but is Dad really any less deserving of our time and thoughtfulness than Mom? This Father’s Day, be on the lookout for gifts that not only apply to his sensibilities — the usual assortment of ties, tools and electronics — but might even tug at his heart strings a little.

Of course, we think our front-page newspaper keepsakes are a unique starting point to give a Father’s Day gift that Dad could never see coming. Fathers of a certain age tend to appreciate the nostalgia of kicking back and reading a newspaper anyway, but now imagine the centerpiece article is all about him, the amazing life he has lived and the impact he’s had on his family.

Even the biggest and burliest of men could well up with tears at thought of reading heartfelt words and quotes from the people they love most. Best of all, these professionally written stories come with a starting price point of just $49.99 and are discounted even further using the DAD2023 coupon code. Shop now for this unique Father’s Day gift.

OK, that’s our pitch, but we can also get behind some of the other amazing Father’s Day gifts out there.

Let’s start with the Father’s Day shoes and clothing collection on Amazon and do some bargain hunting …

1.) Pizza socks box ($25.99)

Four pairs of socks appeal to the natural inclination for practical Father’s Day gifts. But the presentation should also standout to dads, a huge majority of which could love nothing more than a freshly delivered hot pizza. It’s the best of both worlds, and the four-pack of socks comes with a five-star Amazon rating.

2.) I Make Cute Babies T-shirt ($19.95)

Ann Arbor T-shirt company presents a shirt slogan that apropos on Father’s Day, complimentary to Dad’s offspring and a humble brag. For just $12.95, that’s a pretty good list of positives. It also has a five-star rating on Amazon with over 3,000 reviews.

3.) MVMT Chrono Watches ($138.00)

Yeah, yeah, why buy a watch when clocks come standard with all smart phones and tablets. But technology isn’t everything, and these watches are sweet, water resistant and fashionable. It’s a Father’s Day gift that can give Dad some swagger.

4.) Dam Good Supply Co men’s flannel shirt ($29.99)

This item scores bonus points for its brand name, but it also comes in a huge variety of colors. Hipster dads everywhere can get a Father’s Day gift they love.

5.) New Balance 574×2 Evergreen Sneaker ($84.99)

Before Dads can graduate from a young person’s shoe to those chunky white New Balances they wear to mow the grass, they have to find a midway point. These aren’t your dad’s New Balances, but they’re a simple, classic shoe that can help young men can wear to realize they’re slowly becoming their father.

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