We love you, Elmo


We celebrate Elmo’s birthday on February 3 every year, when he first appeared on the “Sesame Street” show in 1980 produced by the Sesame Workshop.

Elmo, a red puppet, is a beloved character who is accompanied by many childhood dreams. He was represented as a supportive character in an educational show, “Sesame Street”, which turned out as the longest-running children’s programs in the United States ever since.

If you have never heard about “Sesame Street”, it is a set of different curricula that aims to educate children with numbers, alphabets, colors and a lot more. It has been a longtime favorite for both the children and the adults.

Educators, researchers, designers and producers from all over the world have worked together to form this nonprofit organization, with the purpose of monitoring educational effects this show has on various viewers and fixing where necessary to better suit the audiences’ interests.

Elmo, as a character who constantly appeared on “Sesame Street” and even hosted a 15-minute show, has become very popular among children and toddlers. A lot of kids can relate themselves or find similar life experiences from Elmo since he acts like a friend in their age group.

Additionally, Elmo has regularly appeared on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”, “Martha Stewart Living” and “The View” and has toured the talk show circuit. Elmo was also a well-known superstar in various movies, including “The Adventure of Elmo in Grouchland” and “Elmo Saves Christmas.”

In this case, we know that no other characters from the show have appeared in children’s lives and the entire American entertainment industry as much as Elmo does.

Therefore, use today to show some love and appreciation for Elmo’s birthday, even if he is just a TV show character. If you have kids in your house, nothing better than watching “Elmo’s World” with them to celebrate this special day.

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