Shoutout to Boy Scouts

Boy Scout day

We celebrate National Boy Scout Day on February 8 each year to honor those who are loyal, helpful, courageous, brave, kind, cheerful, trustworthy and friendly.

This holiday can be dated back to 1910 when the founder American W.D. Boyce got lost in London on a foggy day. An unknown Scout came to help him find the right direction back to Boyce’s hotel. When Boyce wanted to give a tip to this boy, he refused and said that he was doing his duty as a Scout.

Afterward, Boyce was inspired by this nameless boy, and he was determined to bring the principles of the British Boy Scout Association back to the United States. 

Therefore, the American Boy Scouts have shaped a lot of the greatest icons of the nation, including Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. In addition to establishing the Boy Scouts, there are also Eagle Scouts, such as Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg, and Cub Scouts like Michael Jordan.

Boy Scouts are very cool. Five United States presidents and 180 U.S. astronauts have been involved in different Scouting programs.

According to research, those who were part of the Scouting programs have a long-lasting impact as they grow from a little boy into a real man. 83% of people have indicated that the lessons and values they learned as a Boy Scout still affect them today. A lot of them also said the experience in Scouting programs influence their current career paths as well.

The Boy Scouts have always been creating greater good for the nation and even the whole world. Even if we are not Boy Scouts, we can still help other people who are in need to spread love and kindness.

Another important part of trying to be a Boy Scout is to go camping. It could help us to connect with nature and improve self-reliance. Call a group of friends, load your cars with camping necessities then go to the nearest camping spot to celebrate this holiday.

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