Irreplaceable Soul: Kelly’s presence in the lives of her loved ones is completely unmatched

There is absolutely no way you can question Kelly Gibson’s dedication to her loved ones.

Kelly is a wife, a mother of two and a loving daughter and sister. She is constantly making sure her family is taken care of above all else, and this speaks volumes about who she is. Her personality is off the charts, and her character is outright amazing.

“She’s sort of the rock of the family,” her husband Chad said. “She’s the one we can depend on to calm everybody down and get us through anything. Kelly’s always there and making sure the kids are in the right places and the school grades are there. She makes sure all the meals are there for everybody too.”

Kelly is also someone who is always stepping up to the plate. Over seven years ago Chad had a stroke, and Kelly wound up working extra hours to make ends meet while taking care of their kids and taking care of Chad. And yet, she did not complain about it once.

Kelly has even stepped in and helped take care of Chad’s mom who is going through a bout with ALS. The caretaker in Kelly is making sure that her husband’s mom is taking her medicine and has someone to talk to every day.

To Chad, his wife’s complete and utter selflessness has stood out as one of the biggest things that makes her who she is.

She’s also invested in their kids’ lives. Ally (19) and Bryson (16) have a supportive and loving mom who would do anything for them, and their friends notice this too.

“My kids realize she is a great mom, but so do their friends,” Chad said. “They know she is a top notch mom, a good person and caring. The kids know she loves them for sure. She can help the kids get out of anything. She’s good at everything really.”

Ally and Bryson look up to their mom. She is a role model in many ways, and they are grateful for her.

One of these many ways she is a role model is in her job. Kelly is a nurse at a mental and drug and alcohol hospital, and those patients look up to her. They love having her come in and take care of her, as she is such a positive light and spirit in their lives.

“She really can listen to the patients,” Chad said. “They believe in her and trust in her. She is trying to help them. She’s a fresh face for them. She does extra things for them.”

That’s just who Kelly is. She does everything she can to help out other people, and the care and compassion in her heart runs deep.

For Chad, Ally, Bryson and the rest of the family, they are so appreciative of Kelly. They are thankful for all she does for them and for the impact she makes in their lives. She is truly one of a kind, as there are not too many people out there like her.

Irreplaceable Soul  Kelly’s presence in the lives of her loved ones is completely unmatched

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