“Is that what you wanted?”

If that’s the immediate reaction to your first kiss as a couple, you might be concerned the relationship will not last. That is, unless you are Chad and Lisa Appling.

Chad and Lisa can laugh about their first kiss now, as they are currently more in love than ever before after over fifteen years of marriage, three children, and a lifetime of memories together. 

“She has always been able to put up with me and be the better half,” Chad said of his wife. “She is the most gorgeous person in the room at all times and I adore her.”

Lisa is a personal trainer, realtor, and mother. Her children – Harper, 12, Stella, 10, and Talon, 7 – are almost as big of fans of Lisa as her husband. Almost.

Chad was in love with Lisa after they became close on a business school trip to Europe.  He remembers very little of the trip, except spending time getting to know Lisa better, traveling through London and Prague. 

But there were complications in their relationship. Chad and Lisa already had significant others in their lives.  Chad came back and broke up with his girlfriend, but Lisa was unaware of the feelings and intentions Chad had.  She continued to date her longtime boyfriend.

“It took me 10 months to break her and her longtime boyfriend up,” Chad said when recalling his and his wife’s love story. 

Like their first kiss, he laughs now, and Lisa can, too. She has had a lot of grand memories since that first kiss in Daytona and starting a family with Chad.

Lisa and Chad have enjoyed a wonderful life together including their many trips together.  The  honeymoon, and 15th anniversary trips are among the most fun, but the “moonshine run” is also one of the highlights of this love story. However, the births of their three kids are among their most cherished memories. 

“I love that I was able to become a parent with her,” Chad said. “She is the best caretaker possible. She always makes sure Harper, Stella, and Talon are where they need to be and ready to go.”

Lisa was raised by her parents Becky and Larry, the middle child of three. Perhaps her place in the family growing up with two brothers (one older, one 10 years younger) is the reason why she is so strong and determined as an adult.

“She has the sheer will to get anything done that she sets her mind to,” Chad said. “She is the best at anything she wants to be, and I stand with her at all times.”

Lisa means a ton to Chad and the entire Appling family. Chad recognizes that they do not necessarily express their appreciation for Lisa as much as they should, which is something they want to change this December 2022. 

“I want her to know what she means to me and our family,” Chad said. “She deserves better than she receives most of the time. We say I love you, but I really want to let her know how we feel as a family. Hopefully, this Christmas is a start.”

is that what you wanted

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