We’ve partnered with LeadingAgePA!

For those of you who have not noticed some of our social media posts the last couple months, we recently engaged in a partnership with LeadingAge PA.

For those of you who do not know what LeadingAge PA is, it is a chapter of the LeadingAge division, the latter in which represents thousands of nonprofit aging service providers across the nation. So, in essence, we partnered with the largest nonprofit aging service organization in our home state.

You may be asking why. Well, we say why not.

If you have never heard our CEO talk about our mission, then this partnership might make little sense to you. However, one of our CEO’s missions is to have every single person have a story written about them before it is too late. It might sound a little harsh when it’s put that way, but when you step back you realize that is the reality of life.

We feel by partnering with LeadingAge PA, we can help garner an unforgettable relationship that could help us get an in with senior care communities not just in Pennsylvania, but across the US.

If you are looking to generate a partnership where you can celebrate your members or employees, then look no further! With your partnership with My FrontPage Story, you can help immortalize them forever with their very own newspaper-style story.

Another part of the partnership we have formed with LeadingAge PA is we helped them represent their eight annual Distinguished Service Award winners by putting together wonderful tributes for each of the award winners via our stories. It was so cool to get to write these stories for seven very deserving people and one very deserving organization, and it is something we are glad we did.

Every time we partner with someone here at My FrontPage Story, we are proud, but there is something special about getting to partner with an organization like LeadingAge PA. Writing stories for award recipients and formulating relationships with other members and partners within LeadingAge PA is something that is irreplaceable, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for us in this partnership with LeadingAge PA.


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