Newly engaged couple

After five years of dating the incomparable Megan McCormick, Tim Herman knows he is one lucky man to get to spend the rest of his life with such an amazing woman.

The couple met as teachers when Megan was student teaching. Tim tried several times to get her to hang out with him outside of school, and eventually she agreed to go see the movie, Black Panther with him. 

Recalling that day, Tim said, “It is disputed if that was an actual date or just friends out on the town, but we haven’t looked back. A few months later, Megan told me she loved me, and I quickly told her that I loved her as well.”

Tim is awed by Megan’s relentless passion, stating that she wears her heart on her sleeve, adding that, “she loves hard and she lets you know it.” 

Someone else who gets the benefit of Megan’s love is their dog, Brixie. She is a thoughtful and loving mother to Brixie, always taking care of Brixie when she is sick and frequently goes on walks or snuggles with her during the many good days. 

“Brixie is very spoiled with affection by Megan,” Tim said with a smile. 

A tireless worker who would do anything for her students at Central Heights Middle School, Megan is also tough and courageous, pushing past her comfort zone to meet any challenge.

Megan sets her goals high and works hard to achieve them. In addition to her teaching job, Megan is working on her masters in instructional design from UW-Madison. During what little downtime she has, Megan loves to play with Brixie, cook, be crafty, and listen to podcasts.

Although she is defined by her work ethic and passion, Megan can be a silly goofball who knows how to cut loose. She and Tim love to bust a move together and have quite the chemistry.

“We are the talk of every wedding we go to. We are out on the dance floor for just about every song but particularly the song, Billie Jean!” Tim said.

The couple enjoy going on dates together, getting a drink at a nearby bar, visiting their families, going out on the boat and watching scary movies. 

Tim said that he always cherishes the time they spend together, and he kept getting hints that Megan was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. One of those hints was their first trip away together to the Stewart Inn Bed and Breakfast in Wausau, but he thinks what really made up his mind was seeing how they worked together when we were fostering dogs. 

“Doing such a time-intensive job so closely together solidified that we made a great team and family,” Tim said. 

Tim stated that Megan makes him a better person by helping him understand his emotions, and she always tries to make sure he is happy.

“We are so great together! It is amazing to think about all of the fun times we have had,” Tim said, quickly adding that “I can’t wait to see what adventures await us as a married couple.”

Newly engaged couple - Hermans

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