October 24 through 28 blog posts

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Eat Your Greens (National Food Day)

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

October 24, 2022

Today is National Food Day, which is not a day to celebrate all foods. No, it’s a day to celebrate and encourage healthy eating.

Unfortunately, over the years unhealthy eating has become way more common, and it leads to a whole heaping of weight issues among everything else. Part of why unhealthy eating has become so common is because it is much cheaper to buy junk food than healthy food.

Regardless, that should not stop us from being able to eat our vegetables. There are many options out there – including food subscriptions and food assistance programs – that can help you get back on the right track and start eating healthy again.

And no, this is by no means meant to shame people for eating ice cream or brownies on a nightly basis. It is, however, meant to be a reminder that we can all make a better effort to eat healthier at times. Heck, I’m speaking to myself just as much as everyone else.

That said, on National Food Day let’s remember that healthy eating is good for our hearts and good for our health. So let’s pick up an apple today and keep the doctor away.


what to say on a personalized gift

Happy anniversary — I love you to the moon and back

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 25, 2022


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Keep your lungs staying strong (Lung Health Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 26, 2022

Because of the large amount of harmful gas emissions entering into the air, many people are diagnosed with chronic lung diseases and cancerous growths.

October is the National Health Lung Month. October 26, the fourth Wednesday, turned into Lung Health Day.

This day was observed by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) in 2003. Each year over 10 million people are suffering from lung-related diseases, with lung cancer becoming the top killer of human health.

We cannot live more than a minute without air. It is extremely important that our lungs function properly. In this way, keeping a healthy lifestyle with regular lung checkups can prevent many illnesses ahead of time.

Also, if you consume cigarettes or other tobacco products, try to quit them and make other healthier decisions.


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My mood today: cranky (Cranky Co-Workers Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 27, 2022

Yes, you read correctly. Today, October 27, is Cranky Co-Workers Day to celebrate your colleagues’ bad, grumpy moods in the office.

Have you ever noticed that there are always some of your co-workers who are very grouchy all the time?

Do not freak out. On this day, you can become exceedingly negative and join those irritated people to have some fun, or just simply let them be.

Imagine when you walk into the office with a stern face, complain about every little thing and get crabby. How would your co-workers react? Today is absolutely the best moment for you to give it a try.


November calendar

What’s in a name: November edition

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

October 28, 2022

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