‘We Love You So Much. That’s All.’

Family first.

If you ask Michele Loetscher what is more important than family, she will tell you absolutely nothing. She loves her husband and their boys more than anything in the world, and she would do anything to make sure they are happy, healthy and safe.

Trip (10) and Caleb (7) both play baseball, and with that comes a lot of games and schedule coordination between seeing their two different teams play, but she would not change that for the world. She enjoys watching them play so much, and she does her best to be at every game possible.

When she is not watching her sons play baseball, Michele is a labor and delivery nurse. This should not come as a surprise, as it is part of the caring nature that she shows toward her family. She loves people and she loves kids, and being in that position gives her the best of both worlds.

She is also a great role model for her boys. She works hard every single day, and that is evidenced both at home and in the workplace. Her boys get to see how much care and compassions she puts into everything, and they truly have someone great to look up to when it comes to their mother.

“I admire her ability to stay calm,” Michele’s husband DJ said. “I also admire her desire to want to live a better life and not follow the crowd.”

Michele lives a very healthy lifestyle and shows a strong care toward her body, and she is also not one who is always going to conform to particular norms of society. She has a strong set of beliefs and values that she follows, and she values herself as much as she values others.

DJ loves the fact that Michele takes so much time to self-care, and he is grateful that he gets to be by her side every step of the way in their lives.

She is also someone who is always listening to other people and learning what their needs and desires are, and she shows a true genuineness toward others.

She has made an impact on DJ’s life from the day she walked into it, and she has helped make him a better man and a better father. He is much better off because he has his wife in his corner, and he could not imagine life without her.

“She is my life,” DJ said. “She changed me for the better. I don’t know how I would have turned out if we had not met. She has provided stability while letting me be me.”

Michele has always been the one constant in DJ’s life, and there is not a day that goes by where he is not eternally grateful for the love of his life. She is such an amazing spirit who is not afraid to be herself, and DJ loves her more than life itself.

“We might not always show it, but you mean the world to me and the kids,” DJ said. “We all wait for you to come home from work like little dogs waiting on their owner. I know it can be a lot when everyone is trying to say hi to you, but it’s because we love you so much.”we love you so much

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