Amazing Soul: Katie is someone who has grit, determination and a whole lot of love

Katie Cahoon is more than just William Snyder’s girlfriend and the love of his life. She is also his saving grace.

The two of them actually met at work, but the crazy thing is, some things happened and William was actually living out of his car for a year. The moment Katie came around, things changed, and she looked way past the fact that William was living out of his car and saw someone who was worthy of being loved, and she has supported him through all of life’s ups and downs.

That’s just the type of person Katie is. She is someone who is always going to stick her neck out for other people and be there for others when they need someone to lean on.

Katie is also a great role model for William and everyone else around her. She lifts up the spirits of everyone, and she elevates people to be more dedicated to the tasks at hand. In fact, when it comes to work in particular, she is so dedicated to any job that when William and her first started working together, he thought she was an undercover boss.

“I just love her work ethic,” William said. “She has determination and just a true work ethic. It’s just a relief to find someone with the same values and work ethic as me. She is everything I ever wanted in a partner.”

Patience pays off, and William knows that if it were not for him waiting for the right woman to come along, he would not have found someone as amazing as Katie.

She has so many great qualities, and there are not too many flaws that William notices in her. She is a genuine, sweet girl who has a determination like no other, and people can truly learn a lot from her.

“She’s extremely hardworking,” William said. “Once she has a goal set, nothing can stop her. She has manners and is extremely polite, which are things you don’t see too often anymore. I love the fact she’s a country girl. My father was a big country guy, and he would be proud. The best part, however, is she’s always pushing me to be my best. She’s an always keep your head up person. She’s amazing.”

Katie looks at the positive light in life and is someone who is always going to have more optimism than the next person. She has a bit of country pride, which comes with that sense of southern hospitality and acceptance.

Katie is someone that people really enjoy being around, and people know that she brings a bit of fun and enjoyment wherever she goes.

She also has a lot of love to go around. Whether it is toward her parents, her siblings or her beloved ECU Pirates, Katie is devoted, and William loves that about her, even if she hates his favorite movie series ever.

She also loves helping out on her family farm and spending time with her dog Jeeter.

Katie is just a joy to be around and she truly helped get William back up on his feet, and for that, he will be forever grateful and glad that she is in his life.

“Just like you’re always there for me, I’m always going to be there for you.” – Williamamazing soul

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