‘Proverbs 31 Woman’: Marie shows a love like no other everywhere she goes, and looks good doing it

Joel Williams has known his wife Marie for close to 30 years, and to this day he still has the same smile on his face when he talks about her as he did when they first got together.

Who can blame him, either, as Marie is the most amazing, loving woman that he has ever met, and he loves how she is additionally an amazing, loving mother and woman of faith. She genuinely places her faith and trust in GOD, and this is something Joel has truly always admired about her.

“Marie has a loving heart and has a generous spirit,” Joel said. “She’s sexy, voluptuous, curvaceous, has eyes that change color depending on her outfit, she has unassuming confidence, brilliance and a tremendous passion for the things of Jesus Christ. She is a true Proverbs Chapter 31 Woman of GOD.”

“Marie has a strength that is sidled with grace,” Joel said. “She is passionate about family and is dedicated as a wife, sister, mother, friend, mentor and colleague. She gives love and demands it in return!”

In everything that Marie does in life, she makes sure that her faith is at the center of it all. It is the foundation she has helped build the Williams household on, and it is the foundation in which she has always lived her life. Her love of GOD helps make Marie a great role model for their children.

Her children have seen the type of woman their mother is, and Josiah (19) and Asa (15) are grateful for her. They truly appreciate the love and support she has always shown them, and they are grateful that Mom’s love is relentless.

A perfect display of grace and strength is how she dealt with the complications during her pregnancies with both Josiah and Asa. Marie is a true champion, because she was forced to be on bed rest for multiple months during each of those pregnancies. Both Josiah and Asa are true miracle babies who would not be here today without the strength and the grace-under-pressure of a loving mother. She testifies that those were some of the toughest times in her life. If you ask her, she will tell you that she would not change  a thing!

This strength and grace is something that can be seen in every facet of Marie’s life. She is someone who does not ever give up or stop fighting. She is strong-willed and someone that perseveres through everything, and Joel is so glad that he has her in his life.

“My girl with hidden wings is one the sweetest, strongest and most kind-hearted individuals you’ll ever meet,” he said. “She truly sees and seeks the best in people: personally, professionally, spiritually and developmentally. She has a brilliant mind, with a master’s degree in Education, and her beauty on the outside is only matched by her beauty on the inside. She is a thoughtful and dedicated mother to our boys and a wonderful wife!”

Marie is great and amazing at just about everything she does, and her ingenuity is something that comes completely unmatched. She always has the best interest of others in mind, and does anything and everything she can to take care of the people she loves.

“Marie has confidence in your best and encourages you to pursue it,” Joel said. “She is steadfast in her faith in Jesus Christ and always wants to best represent Him in the way we love people.”

Being able to love like Jesus does is something that will always be of utmost importance to Marie, and she is always going to do whatever she can to take care of others.

She is the same woman Joel married over 20 years ago, with a lot more strength and grit, and a whole lot more love for the things of the Lord. Joel loves spending life with his favorite woman, and he cannot wait to see what else is in store for them.

“A lot of times, I never have the right words to say, or I don’t tell you how beautiful or how wonderful or how kind you are, but you’ve been such a blessing to me. I love you for healing my heart and for giving me joy in my life. Quite often, you’re the best person someone will ever meet!” – Joelproverbs 31 woman

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