A Wild Ride: Cherie’s roller coaster life with her boyfriend is one she will continue to cherish forever

When Cherie Richardson downloaded a dating app more than six years ago, she never thought the outcome would be a lifetime of love and happiness.

That mindset changed when she met the love of her life.

When she and her boyfriend matched on September 11, 2015, that was the moment both their lives had changed forever. They had both been through plenty of ups and downs throughout the years, but those ups and downs have become much more bearable with each other.

“The interaction and the energy between us are outstanding,” Cherie said. “We both love hard – very hard – and love each other very much.”

Their love story is not one for the weak, but nonetheless it is a love story that many people can learn from.

Cherie and her beau care so deeply for one another and they always have each other’s backs. They are there for each other during life’s happiest moments and most troubling times, and Cherie truly cannot imagine what her life would be like without the love of her life in it.

“He makes me a well-rounded person,” she said. “He makes sure I hit all my goals and succeed in everything I do. He gives me the tools to do so.”

He has always been Cherie’s number one supporter and an encourager.

He has encouraged her not just with words, but with actions as well. While he has done some things in the past he is not proud of, he has learned from them and has become a better person because of them.

Cherie has seen how much her boyfriend has grown over the past six and a half years, and she is so proud of him for that.

“I admire his drive and ambition; the way he loves and cares for me,” she said. “His smile and how he can make the worst day of my life seem like the best day of my life.”

This is a love that many people dream of having, and it is a love that Cherie is glad she gets to live with every single day.

She is glad that she has such an amazing person by her side, and she is grateful for the blended family they have as well. He is a great father not only to his own daughter, but to Cherie’s son as well.

There is so much compassion and true care for the people that he loves the most, and he shows that on a daily basis.

“When he showed me that genuine and honest love, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him,” Cherie said. “When he talks to me, my heart melts in more ways than one.”

He is a strong-willed individual who takes on many responsibilities. He is always there for Cherie, and she is grateful to have him in her life.

The day she first met her life partner was the day her life became infinitely better, and Cherie is looking forward to continuing to be the happiest woman on earth with her favorite human being.

“He is my rock and the love of my entire life,” Cherie said. “God knew what He did when He placed you in my life six years ago. It has definitely been a roller coaster, but I would never want to get off this ride I’m on with you!”a wild ride

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