‘She’s been lighting up my world since middle school’: The love story of Nicole and Pasqual

When it comes to caring for people, Nicole is always the first person there.

As a nurse at a senior center, Nicole is so passionate about aiding those that need a little extra help. To her boyfriend, Pasqual, she is the most wonderful person for this. “She’s my hero,” he said.

Nicole is always taking care of everyone and constantly making sure that they’re alright.

“She takes care of her Godmother and is always there for everything she needs,” Pasqual said. “She’s so selfless and giving. It means a lot. It shows how she was raised, and it shows that she was raised right, and she always shows compassion for others. She’s always been compassionate.”

Pasqual knew this from middle school, saying that she was the most caring person in their class even though the most popular. “She was the beautiful smart girl who was popular,” he said. “I was impressed by her humbleness; very quiet and not stuck up.”

During this time, Pasqual admired how Nicole always went out of her way to spend time with him. For him, some of their best times were spent at amusement parks together, especially going to Magic Mountain as kids.

As they got older, they continued this amusement park tradition and would spend time at Disneyland together. “That was some of the most fun time I had going on the rides with her. Just spending time with her. She was always making sure I had a great time,” Pasqual said.

Together, they always have an incredible time, no matter what the activity is. “Simply put, there is a magical feeling whenever I spend time with her. She gives me joy. She always brings me joy when I spend time with her. She knows me and I know her,” he said.

While caring, Nicole also can be really funny, and she knows how to have fun.

“We can just be sitting down, and she can look at me and I can look at her and we just start laughing,” Pasqual said. “She has that joy quality to her.”

For Pasqual, Nicole is his queen. Not only a supportive girlfriend, but she’s a supportive sister, always looking out for her brother and sister.

“That’s Nicole always seeing what they need and being there for them; being there for her mom; being there for her Godmother. That’s why Nicole does what she does. Cause she takes care of people. It’s so loving. That’s what I love about her,” Pasqual said.

She is always making him a better person just by being his support system. No matter what, she’s always there to cheer him on which gives him a confidence he didn’t even know he had.

When Pasqual participated in the top skateboarding event in the world, his face lit up seeing Nicole there front and center with her best friend and sister. “She makes me a better man,” he said.

In essence, Nicole is Pasqual’s star.

“What is a star? In a town of Hollywood stars, this star is my star. She’s been lighting up my world since middle school. She is a star; she brings me light; she brings me joy. She’s my rock. She caters to my needs she makes her effort to see me. She’s my center, she is my joy. She’s the boss. What she says goes. Whenever I see her, I see that beautiful face and it lights me up. My sunshine.” – Pasquallight of my world

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