The Matriarch: This stay-at-home mom is the only thing that keeps her family functioning

When Jim Martin talks about his wife, Kelley, he cannot say enough great things about her. She means the absolute world to him, and he is proud every single day to get to call her his wife.

“I get goosebumps thinking about her,” Jim said. “She really means everything to me. We’ve been together 15 years, have four kids and she does everything for us. On a day-to-day basis, she is just always doing everything for myself and our kids. She’s just a person who cares so much about me. I love her so much. She truly means everything.”

Jim knows how much of an impact his wife has on their family, and he knows that he could not do this without her. She is someone who keeps the house functioning, as she is the matriarch and the glue of the entire family.

She makes sure everything is taken care of, from getting the kids ready for school to tucking them in at night.

She is the epitome of hard work and a mama bear who is always going to make sure her four cubs are protected, and they have someone great to look up to. Her job is a stay-at-home mom, and she does a wonderful job with it.

The kids would not be the same without her, and Jim knows he would not be able to function without Kelley.

“She takes care of all the day-to-day functions,” Jim said. “She’s constantly making sure the kids have the right food and drinks for school. She’s always packing their bags and making sure that they have the proper clothes. She’s the one picking them up at school and providing dinner every night. She is always playing with them and helping them learn, and she is always helping them out.”

Kelley is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She will get down on the floor with the kids and play with them, and she will make sure they are having a good time.

When asked about Kelley’s personality, Jim pointed out three things in particular.

Happy. She is a genuinely happy and optimistic person. She is a fun-loving wife and mom who is always making sure everyone around her is having a good time.

Loving. She is just always loving on the kids and her husband, and she shows kindness and compassion wherever she goes.

Caring. She is someone who is always looking out for all those around her. She takes care of the people she loves.

Kelley is someone who is full of character and has a wonderful personality, and it is something that her husband cannot speak highly of enough.

“She has such a great personality,” Jim said. “Everyone loves her. Her smile lightens up any room. She’s a great communicator and cares so much about friends and family. Her personality just lights up the room, and everyone loves her.”

No matter where she goes, Kelley brings a true sense of happiness and joy. She has a great sense of humor, and she is always making people laugh.

She loves everyone around her, and the people around her know what a great mom she is as well, and they can never stop talking about how well she is raising her kids.

“I just want to thank her for the amazing wife and mom she is to four children,” Jim said. “The sacrifices she makes, we want to give back to her. Being at home with them 24/7, all she does is an amazing job. We love her so much. It does not go unnoticed. We want to reciprocate those things to her because she does them for us. We just love and appreciate everything about her. Some days are easier than others, and we want her to know that we would do anything for her just like she does for us.”

Kelley is the foundation of her family, and she is truly the motor that helps keep it running. Without her, the house would be in shambles, and her family all knows it.

They are grateful for all she does for them and all the love and support she shows them, and they are thankful to have such a great role model in their lives.

“I want her to know just how much I love and appreciate her,” Jim said. “How we have grown so much as a couple and as parents. How I’m so excited about what the future holds for us as a couple and as parents.”the matriarch

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