HER HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS: We love her just the way she is

“Ever since she was a baby, she was innately happy. It’s contagious.”

Hearing Tony Quilici talk about his daughter, Annelise “Annie” Quilici, you can hear both the pride and joy in his voice.  It oozes through the phone.

Annie is just one of those special people who has been blessed with the ability to not only live a joyful existence themselves, but to make the lives of everyone around them better as well.

Like most 16-year-olds, Annie enjoys being on her phone, social media, music, fashion, hanging out with her friends, and jumping on the trampoline.

Unlike most 16-year-olds, she also enjoys getting outside and really living whether that is skiing (both snow and water!), fishing, and photography.

“There is no one I would rather fish with than Annie,” said her dad Tony.

“She brings excellent karma.  She usually catches the first and biggest fish!”

She also absolutely adores both her older brother Anthony and her dog, Hershey.

Her dad still laughs when he recalls trying to convince her to get the dark chocolate puppy from the breeder when she got first pick of the litter.  It did not go well.  Annie knew immediately which puppy she wanted; the other one.

“She could not have been more right about Hershey,” said Tony.

“He’s the most awesome dog and I have had some great hunting dogs.”

Just like Annie, Hershey has that same vocal, fun, and funny-without-even-trying-to-be personality.  As her dad would say, both have, “Personality Plus”.

Ask anybody about Annie and they will tell you she is beautiful, smart, quick witted, and very entertaining but also stubborn when determined.

“My dad would say ‘she’d make an FBI man proud!’,” laughed Tony.

In fact, one of Tony’s most vibrant memories of Annie is the time he and Tiffany spent close to 45 minutes trying to convince Annie to wear a blue life vest when water skiing since the family has so many boys.

“I’m a girl, and girls wear pink,” said Annie.  Over and over and over again.

“In the end we got both!” chuckled Tony.

That determination is just one of the many things Annie’s entire family, and her dad in particular, love about Annie.

“When I had very hard, pressure-filled days at work I could hardly wait to get home to see her smiling happy face,” said Tony, adding, “which in turn picked me up to help me reset and be happy myself.  It was contagious.”

That’s one of many reasons Anthony wanted to do something special for Annie this year for Valentine’s Day.  Special girls like her deserve special gifts.

“She’s very loving, caring, kind, and full of life.  She is so special.”

“I love her so much just the way she is!”

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