‘They’re Great Examples’: Randy and Lora are an example of what a couple should be like, as well as how to treat family and friends

If your first date involves going mudding together, you know there is a lot of potential in a relationship.

That’s exactly how Randy and Lora Denney’s relationship began, and they have not looked back since then. They have built a long-sustaining marriage and they have built a family together. They love each other unconditionally and are always there for each other, and this is something their kids have always loved about them.

Their children, Evan and Emma, also love the fact that they have learned so many invaluable lessons from Randy and Lora. Evan and Emma have grown into amazing people themselves because of their parents and because of what they have learned from them, and they hope they have made Mom and Dad proud.

“I have learned how to work hard for the things you want in life and to be the type of person your dog thinks you are,” Evan said.

Randy and Lora are the epitome of hardworking individuals, and their kids have taken after this. Randy started his own excavating company back in 1990 and they just celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2020. On the other hand, Lora worked as the only female environmental chemist at Navistar International downtown in Indianapolis while Randy worked to get his business off the ground. Since then, Lora became a full-time mother and family woman while working off and on for Randy’s business to support and lead office operations.

Randy and Lora are both determined individuals as well. They have always been determined to create the best lives possible for their children, and both Evan and Emma will tell you they have done that exceptionally well.

“Our parents are dependable, determined, strong, loyal and empathetic to others,” Emma said.

Evan and Emma both know they could not do it without the unending support of their parents. Randy and Lora have always been there for them, and they continue to be to this very day.

Even though Evan and Emma are grown up and both married, they still look up to their parents for everything. They still get some of the best life advice from their parents and have some of the best conversations with them.

“They are good parents because they care,” Emma said. “They have done everything with us in mind. Regardless of the cards they were dealt, they persevered and did the best that they could. No upbringing is perfect, but a parent who really goes above and beyond makes an upbringing as close to perfect as you can get.”

Randy and Lora have made the most of the opportunities in their lives, and Evan and Emma are both super grateful for this. They are glad their parents have always put them first and have always prioritized them.

And now they do the same with their grandkids. Evan has three children –  Sterling Brock (4) and twins Magnolia Ray and Eleanor Faye (3) – and there is not a thing his own parents would not do for them. They are the most loving grandparents in the world, and they love to spoil their grandkids as well.

Randy and Lora also love to be there for other people in any situation. They are reliable, dependable, selfless people who put others before themselves, and that is appreciated by all.

“They are always willing to help and give people opportunities to better themselves,” Evan said.

That obviously boded well for Evan and Emma, and it has boded well for so many other people as well. People love Randy and Lora for this reason and many others, as they are genuinely caring people.

“They are always around when they are needed,” Emma said. “They go above and beyond to help others. They are very genuine people.”

Plus they are role models of what a happy, healthy marriage should look like. While it has not been without its ups and downs, the marriage between Randy and Lora is one of a kind. They love each other so much and they do everything together.

“They are still best friends after all these years,” Evan said. “They make time for each other, and as a couple set time aside to just be married.”

Both Evan and Emma have always appreciated this about their parents and hope their marriages can persevere through the trials this life offers as their parents have.  

There is no question that Randy and Lora are exceptional individuals who make a wonderful couple. They complement each other very well, and the people around them adore the love they have for each other.

Evan and Emma both know they could not do it without their parents’ guidance and support, and they know a lot of other people feel the same way. They love them and are beyond grateful for them, and they want to make sure they never forget that.

“They are loved by all of us and life is better with them in it. We appreciate all they have done and do for us even when we don’t deserve it.” – Evan

“I hope they know how pivotal they were in the shaping of the people we have grown up to be. Early on they taught us the foundational principle of putting family first and because of that we have remained very close and involved in each other’s lives even after settling down and starting families of our own. I didn’t know how special that was until I realized that it is not the norm for other families. They also set an example of resilience and have shown us that even through hardship, with a lot of work and intentionality, a marriage can make it through any storm.” – Emma

they're great examples

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