Scoring a Touchdown in Love: How Kaela Davis Makes her Husband Nathan thankful that his wife is his life

Kaela Davis’s story began when she was born in Monroe, North Carolina, less than an hour from the home of the Carolina Panthers, on September 26th, 1996 to her parents Scott and Suzette Kiker, but her love story began when she started working at the same company as Nathan Davis. After a successful time at the company, she was offered a great opportunity in a position at another company and although she moved on from her job she didn’t move on from Nathan.

The two stayed in touch and became friends as their friendship quickly grew very strong. While their friendship was growing, a run to the Super Bowl was growing for the Carolina Panthers.

Kaela invited Nathan to a home playoff game during the 2015-16 NFL playoffs, which immediately caught Nathan’s attention as he was also a huge fan of the team. The two had a fantastic time together, which coincided with Panthers winning the game.

Nathan had to return the favor and invited Kaela to the conference championship game, which the Panthers won by a long shot. The fun and success of these football games coincided with the growing fun and success of their relationship as they began spending a lot of time together after these games.

No matter the circumstances they had fun together. Soon after they began hanging out Nathan wiped out after missing a step as he went down the stairs. This put Kaela in hysterics and she hasn’t stopped laughing since as she enjoys her time with him.

After Kaela took Nathan as her date to her friend’s wedding she knew he was the one. Nathan was drawn to her truth, honesty, dependability, love for her family, strong work ethic and more, which all culminated in their marriage.

“As the saying goes, ‘when you know you know,’” said Nathan. “And I just knew.”

The good times have continued for Kaela and Nathan as they still watch football together, but have created even more memories. They had an incredible honeymoon together, have gone on beach trips, mountain trips and other vacations.

Kaela has been an honest, caring and loving partner. She puts her partnership with Nathan first and elevates him to be the best person he can be.

“I would like for my amazing wonderful wife Kaela to know how much I love her and I’m thankful that we get to do this wonderful thing called life together,” said Nathan.

Nathan truly scored the greatest touchdown of them all when he fell in love with his wife and best friend Kaela.

Scoring a Touchdown in Love: Kaela Davis

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