‘Selfless. Just Selfless’: Anne is as selfless and loving as they come

Anne Mulhall: Wife. Mother of three boys. Do-it-all woman who never gives up.

Anne is a woman who has many skills and a great personality, and she is very strong-willed. By day, she works at the Army Corps of Engineers. By night, she is a mother of three sons and has a big child in her husband to put up with, so she is outmatched 4:1.

And yet, she never complains and she always has a smile on her face. She would do anything for anyone, and she is always looking out for her boys above all else.

Anne is a testament and a role model for hard work and dedication, and Mike hopes this will one day rub off on their boys.

“She is an amazing example with her strength, organization, selflessness, heart, as well as her patience with four males,” he said. “She is an amazing example of the type of person they should look for in a partner.”

She never stops teaching Matthew, Drew and Ben, and they know they can always look up to mom. She is more than just a mother to them, but also a friend, and she makes sure they know she is always in their corner.

“She is completely selfless as a mother,” Mike said. “She sacrifices what she wants to do and focuses her attention on doing stuff for others.”

Not only is Anne someone who is there for her own family, but she is also there for her friends and everyone in between. She is always looking out for others, and she constantly wants to make others happy. She will do things that others like to do just to make sure they are enjoying life and are having a good time with her.

If she needed to, she would give the shirt off her back for anyone, and she would make sure that other people are taken care of before she takes care of herself.

“She’s a great example to everyone,” Mike said. “She shows amazing strength and leadership. My wife is a great example to people with her strength and diligence and how hard she works. She puts effort in for other people to make them happy. She’s always done that. She likes to do for others without anything in return.”

Anne does not do things out of the goodness of her heart for praise and glory, or even for a thank you. She does it because she genuinely cares about everyone and she wants everyone to have a better life.

Anne is also someone that people like to be around because she makes them better. She lifts up people’s spirits and encourages people to be the best versions of themselves.

On top of that, Anne is just a joy to be around. She has a fun-loving attitude toward life, and she has a sense of optimism and joy that people are drawn to.

“We both have a similar sense of humor,” Mike said. “She is lighthearted and we joke around a lot. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. We’re able to have fun with each other, personality wise.”

There is no question that Mike loves being around his wife and that she brings him a distinct joy and love of life. He knows that they are meant to be together, and she is his best friend. She means everything to him and she is the rock of their family, and he is glad that his childhood friend is now the love of his life.

“I know that we don’t always express how much you mean, but you are our world. I couldn’t imagine a day without you.” – Mikejust selfless

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