‘She’s Amazing’: Diana has the skills to balance everything in life, and her husband and children are better off because of this

“She’s the kind of person that if you go to a party you don’t have to worry about her, she can take care of herself.” 

When Bret Crawford talks about his wife of 35 years, Diana, you can hear in his voice just how much he adores her. 

And nobody, least of all Bret, should be surprised that Diana can take care of herself at a party because the truth is, Diana pretty much takes care of everybody around her all the time. 

Diana works with special education kids in the Beaverton School district which quite frankly tells you all you need to know about her heart and the type of person that she is. The joy she’s gotten when taking high school kids out into the community to work at places like Albertson’s, Cold Stone, etc. is immeasurable. 

She’s likewise taken care of the couple’s two children, Sean and McKenzie, to the point where both are college graduates with excellent jobs. 

“Her hard work and dedication towards them, I believe, was instrumental in their success,” said Bret. 

“She was very disciplined with our children and deserves much of the credit for raising our kids to be the successful adults they are today. Both kids know she loves them very much and is extremely proud of them.” 

And while she loves tennis, yoga, working out, dancing, and baking, among other things, it is clear that it’s the way that she’s taken care and supported Bret over the years that has been the most impactful to him. 

“I always say if I had her drive I would be a millionaire,” said Bret. 

“I give Diana credit for raising my level of expectations. I was just satisfied to keep on keeping on, but she pushed me to go to college and then later to become a sales person which has helped us to be where we are.” 

“I didn’t realize I had it in me, but she saw something in me.” 

Fortunately for Bret, he saw something in her as well when he walked into the Hi Hat Chinese Restaurant in Tigard, Oregon. After dining at the restaurant where young Diana was the hostess Bret sat in the car “for what seemed like forever” before working up the nerve to go back in and ask for her number. 

That led to a lifetime of memories from Diana’s boyfriend answering the door in Seattle when flowers from Bret were being delivered to Diana stopping the ride as Bret “was losing my guts everywhere” at a carnival to an incredible wedding at the United Methodist Church in Portland.

It’s been an awesome ride, so much so that Bret wanted to do something unique and special for Diana for her birthday this year, so he had a story written all about the love of his life. 

“I know I don’t let her know how much she means to me or how much she has shaped me in adulthood or even how much I appreciate how great of a mother she has been very often, but I do, and I want her to know that.”

She's Amazing

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