Simply Amazing: Damian has been married to Ashley for ten years now, and every new day with her seems to somehow be better than the last

Damian Howe says every moment spent with his wife, Ashley Schmidt, is his favorite, and it’s easy to see why.

She is an individual who constantly looks out for others. Whether it be her mother, the rest of her family or a complete stranger, Ashley is always there for others. She wants what is best for everyone around her, and her selflessness is top notch.

“My wife is totally selfless,” Damian said. “And she’s always looking to do for others first without ever considering what she needs or wants, which is what made me fall in love with her.”

For ten years now Damian has been married to this amazingly caring woman who he gets to call his wife, and it has been the best ten years of his life.

While neither Damian or Ashley would ever claim to be perfect, Damian would never point out or change any flaws that Ashley may have, because being exactly who she is what makes Ashley the perfect woman for Damian. She is not without her quips, but she is also a woman who is still amazing in every way.

“There is no perfect man or woman out there, so if you keep looking for perfection, you will be single forever,” Damian said. “And it also seems to me that the harder one looks for a future spouse, the harder it is to find anyone that is even worth dating exclusively. It was only when I stopped looking for it that I found a woman that turned out to be as close to perfect as one could hope for, and a woman who is definitely perfect FOR ME.”

They have gone through their ups and downs throughout their relationship of over a decade, but it is worth it with the right person. There is no question that Ashley has made Damian’s life infinitely better, and that is why he is thankful for her each and every day.

“Healthy relationships are difficult sometimes, period,” he said. “That has to be understood and expected. Like with anything else, if it is really worth the time and effort, it is probably pretty difficult, at least at times. But, without a bit of dark, there really is no light. In this way, I can now appreciate the difficult times, because it makes the good times that much sweeter.”

Because of being able to get through all the ups and downs of life with one another, Ashley and Damian have built a family together. They now have three beautiful daughters, and getting to see how Ashley is as a mother is simply remarkable.

Day in and day out Ashley is doing whatever it takes to make sure their girls are happy and healthy, and Damian is thankful for that. She is an amazing mother who Olivia (9), Charlotte (6) and Clara (5) all look up to, and they are glad to call Ashley their mom.

Through her mothering abilities, Ashley has also shown Damian how to love even more. She teaches all four of her counterparts in the Howe house how to live life the right way, and they are better off for it.

“She elevates me by never allowing me to lower expectations for myself and she motivates me to be a great role model for our daughters,” Damian said.

Oh, and one other thing. Ashley has served in the Ohio Air National Guard since 2001. So not only is she someone with a huge heart, but she also serves her country proud.

Ashley is truly an amazing woman with so much to give, and Damian and their girls love her for who she is.

“She is the most genuine and selfless person I have ever met and wouldn’t want to live one day without her by my side. Happy Anniversary Ashley!” – Damian

simply amazing

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