Supermom, Superwife, Superwoman—when it comes to Rebecca Bryant, she’s a triple threat

Hard working, loving, and effortlessly selfless are just a few traits that describe Rebecca Bryant.

Not only an amazing wife, Rebecca is an amazing mother. Even after hard workdays, Rebecca never complains about helping out her three young kids, Davis, Cameron, and Eli. “She is truly selfless,” said her husband, Allen.

To Allen, Rebecca truly is a superwoman. While he’s at work, Rebecca ensures that the kids are taken care of whether that’s taking them to school, picking them up from the bus, or helping with homework.

As family is her greatest gift, she never complains. “She is always there to make sure the kids get from point A to point B daily,” Allen said.

Everyday Allen is inspired by Rebecca’s enormous heart. In addition to her kids, she always makes an effort to be a great friend, daughter, and sister.

She adores her parents beyond belief and prioritizes their needs before her own. Additionally, she maintains her girls’ nights with her close friends.

In fact, she makes the time to be there for everyone in her life. For her sister, Jill, Rebecca means everything to her. “Becca is one of my very best friends,” Jill said. “I can always count on her to be there for me and my children regardless of the day, time or need.”

As a sister, Rebecca is many great things. But above all, she is caring, dependable, and honest. Even when Jill doesn’t want her opinion, Rebecca gives it, which Jill appreciates; she knows her sister wants the best for her.

Jill moreover recognizes these striking qualities in Rebecca as a mother and a wife. “Everything that she does from sunup to sundown is for her children and husband,” Jill said.

For Rebecca’s family, they can’t imagine a life without her. Allen is especially grateful that she went on that second date with him after he didn’t pay for their first date. If she hadn’t accepted his pleas, he wouldn’t want to think of what his life would be like now.

For him, she is everything and more; funny, thoughtful, and smart only define a small part of her soul. There aren’t enough positive words for Allen to list when it comes to Rebecca.

“Before her I was lost,” Allen admitted. “She helped me find a reason to strive to be a better human being.”

And although Allen isn’t always the most romantic, he wants Rebecca to know just how special he thinks she is to him and to their children. She is the light in his darkness and his other half.


supermom, superwife, superwoman

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