THE BEST DAY EVER!: Tim and Angie’s wedding day truly was the best day of their lives

Tim and Angie Sirmans met at a Blue Angels Air Show Tim had set up as part of a tour of around 20 emergency managers and healthcare workers from the local community. Tim found her to be the most beautiful girl in the world, and he asked her out after the event. Their first date was to a Travis Tritt Concert, where they had their first kiss as Travis was playing one of their favorite songs, “Anymore”. This was the beginning of their love story.

“Her eyes are by far her best feature to me,” Tim said. “You can look into those eyes and you can see compassion, and when she looks at me, love! Her other great feature is her hair. It is the most beautiful whitish silver color. It is completely natural and almost no day goes by that we are out in public, that someone does not compliment her on it.”

Tim and Angie bonded right off the bat, and Tim knew she was the one when she told him she watches every pitch of every Atlanta Braves game, and when she told him she loves to ride around on dirt roads to clear her mind, that was just icing on the cake.

“Tim means the world to me,” Angie said. “There are no such words that could ever describe what and how much he means to me. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I have found everything I could ever possibly want or need in him. With him, I have true and unconditional love, the perfect man for me to spend forever with, and my best friend.”

These diehard Braves fans are a perfect complement to each other, and they could not be happier that they found each other in the middle stages of their lives.

Angie admires Tim’s outlook on life, as he has the most positive outlook on everything and always tries to see the good in everyone and everything. He can turn any negative situation into a positive one, and she truly admires that about him.

“Tim is unlike anyone I have ever known,” Angie said. “He is always trying to make me feel special, which he does, each and every day.”

Tim knows the exact way to Angie’s heart, and the way to her heart is her family. Early in their relationship, Tim planned a ‘lady day’ weekend for Angie, and had a weekend filled with events for her to enjoy. Tim planned a surprise for Angie by inviting her son, Dallas, and his wife, Taylor, over to have supper with them.

The next morning, Tim took Angie for breakfast and surprised her by inviting her daughter, Alyssa, her husband, Cam, and Angie’s grandson, Cason. Tim then treated her to several things throughout the day and then topped it off by cooking a nice supper and having his nephew, Jonah, perform live music for them.

“Angie is so sweet and nice, and caring,” Tim said. “At work, she holds her employees to a high standard, but she leads them to easily reach it. At home, she is so sweet, and caring. She loves to sit in her recliner and wait for me to walk by and kiss her. She smiles every time.”

Angie is also the perfect mom, and Tim admires that about her. She loves her family so much, and she would not trade spending time with them for the world.

“My mom represents strength and courage,” Alyssa said. “Over the years I have seen her fight and go through more than one person should. She’s always put her children first and never made us second guess her love. Through the hardest times she has always been my rock and the backbone of the family.”

Angie is a family-first woman, which is why they have involved as many of the family members from both sides in the wedding festivities, from Alyssa serving as the maid of honor to Dallas walking her down the aisle (she wanted both sons to walk her down the aisle but unfortunately her son, Austin, is in Alaska). Tim’s brother Kyle married them, and Jonah provided the music entertainment. The grandsons, Cason and Issac, served as the ring bearers, and Angie’s niece, Addisyn, as the flower girl.

“What made the day so special was family,” Tim said. “It was the first time both of our families were together, and they all came to see us celebrate our love. The first look was so special. I had been waiting for months to see the love of my life in the dress she chose. It was the most special moment, seeing the love of my life and my soulmate in her dress, knowing she is about to give her hand in marriage to me. I could not help but shed a tear and think how lucky I am.”

Sirmans family prayer

When they turned to their families and were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Sirmans for the first time, it instantly became the best moment of the entire day for both Tim and Angie. Their families smiled and shed tears of happiness, as they knew what the couple had gone through as individuals, and they were just happy to see them officially united.

For Mr. and Mrs. Sirmans, their espousal meant everything in the past was in the past, and they could officially start their future together. The support from both their families was all they needed to be reminded of that.

“It truly was the happiest moment in my life,” Tim said. “I worked my entire life to find happiness. I had always struggled with being happy. I am good at faking it, but for the first time, as I kissed her and knew she was mine forever, I knew I had happiness that was real for the rest of my life. I found my soulmate, my wife, my best friend and my happiness.”

After raining off and on for eight weeks straight leading up to the wedding, they wound up having the perfect wedding day. Tim and Angie’s ceremony had a light breeze with a perfect fall temperature and no precipitation, and was capped off with a gorgeous sunset. The ceremony was followed by a wonderful reception surrounded by their loved ones.

“We went to the beach for our Honeymoon,” Tim said. “We spent three days in Fernandina and three days in St. Augustine. We did not do much but rest. Getting ready for the wedding was so tiresome, and we just rested on the beach, and sat around talking about how perfect our day was, grinning and thinking about how happy the start of our life was, and how we cannot wait to see how it grows into the best, happiest life ever.”

Tim and Angie’s love for each other is everlasting, and they are glad they get to spend the rest of their lives together. They are perfect for each other, and their love is one that will last forever.

“I love his sweet and kind nature, and of course his very funny personality,” Angie said. “He makes me laugh and smile so much each and every day, even when I don’t feel like it. I have laughed more in the short time we have been together than I have probably my entire life. He also makes me a better person just by being himself. He makes me want to be the best version of myself because he deserves no less than the absolute best.”

This unconditional love is built to last, and Tim and Angie are meant to be. With a retired military firefighter married to a former police officer and current 911/EMA director, they have spent a lifetime taking care of others. But now, they get to take care of each other and take care of each other’s families.

From helping Tim with his minor PTSD to getting to go to a plethora of Braves games together, Tim and Angie are a great duo.

“Tim means thoughtfulness and loving,” Alyssa said. “He has brought so much light into our family in a short amount of time. He has an unconditional love for my mother and my son. We are thankful to be bringing him into our family.”

These two Braves fans have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them, and they are so happy they found each other. They are soulmates who cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

“Our future includes loving each other, and family,” Tim said. “We have a few years until retirement. However, we just want to be debt free and travel all over the country watching a bunch of Atlanta Braves games. Moreover, we want to celebrate our happiness with our families. We cannot wait to spoil all the grandkids, and spend every day for the rest of our lives, knowing that it only gets better. Every day together is truly the Best Day Ever.”

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