The Best is Still to Come: All the hard work for Joey Campbell has paid off, but he is not done yet

Hard work really does pay off, and Joey Campbell is proving that day in and day out.

Despite being an All-State pitcher in high school, he did not let his athletic abilities and achievements get in the way of the bigger picture: graduating from college.

Joey recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University two quarters early, and his father, George, is really proud of his son.

“I admire Joey’s perseverance, hard work and determination,” George said. “He has shown these traits in athletics, education and his work endeavors. His persistence was demonstrated as he tried to get a job in high school at our local gym, ClubSport. Despite not getting calls back to his application, Joey continued to pursue the job, following up with the hiring manager and networking with friends affiliated with the club. Finally, he got the job.”

It was this sort of persistence that helped Joey graduate a couple quarters early with a 3.5 GPA and making the Dean’s List. Not only did he graduate with a commendable GPA, but he did so in the Financial Management program with a minor in Construction Management. Oh yeah, and he was a fraternity educator and the creator of a financial newsletter.

Talk about achievements!

His family and friends are so proud of Joey, and they know that he is going to be great in whatever he winds up doing in his career.

“Joey is a special young man,” George said. “He values family and friendships. He is respectful and well-mannered with a love of life. He has always strived to get better – on the athletic field or in the classroom. His passion for school really took off in college as he became more involved in finance and investing courses. Most of all, he is one of the kindest young men you will ever meet. He really cares.”

This well-versed individual has accomplished so many things already, and he is just getting started. He is a great young man who is good to the people around him, and he is very respected.

He also has a lot of high aspirations for his career, and rightfully so. With what he has been able to accomplish, there is no limit to how high he can truly fly.

“Having just completed college, he is seeking positions in the financial world of digital and cryptocurrency,” George said. “He is hoping to leverage experience gained at Comerica, Relentless Management Group, Harvestly, Strategic Financial Partners and Bay Club. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve his goals. There is no doubt that he will bring the passion!”

“It’s been great watching Joey grow up as a person and figure out who he is,” Joey’s brother, Drew, said. “He’s become a great man and brother.”

Joey takes great pride in what he does, and he will continue to do great things. His parents know it, his brother knows it, his friends know it, and the people all around him know it. He is a great young man, and he is smart and capable of a lot of things.

He is highly supported, and his support system cannot wait to see what Joey accomplishes next.

“I am so proud of all the success that you have accomplished. You are driven to succeed, but more than that, you have a great heart, and you always make sure to thoughtfully consider how others feel. I love you!” – Georgethe best is yet to come

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