‘The Dolphin Spotter’: Samantha Reasor has spent a lifetime creating lasting memories and friendships, and an amazing marriage to Eric

Patience is a virtue that not every individual is blessed with. For Samantha Reasor, however, it is a virtue that comes very naturally.

“Her patience is why she is with me,” Samantha’s husband, Eric Reasor, said. “I believe that stems from her caring personality. She is very patient and caring with me and everyone in her life. Samantha is also very creative. She has an eye for things and spends time baking decorative cakes and making gifts.”

When Eric gets down about something, Samantha is always there for him. She helps him get past his frustrations and learn there is more to life than is worth getting upset about.

“I’m in the process of being more patient, Eric said. “That’s why I admire hers. She actively teaches me to slow down and calm down. I am from a farm in a small town in Virginia and one might say she has ‘domesticated’ me. Samantha has taught me to enjoy the finer things in life a bit more. I want to be the best version of myself for her.”

Samantha loves Eric for who he is, plain and simple. She does not try to change him or tell him that he needs a new attitude about things. She is just constantly supporting him and caring for him, encouraging him to be the best version of himself.

“Samantha knows what she wants, and she doesn’t allow anyone to hold her back,” her mom, Cherie, said. “She has shown me that my own desires, dreams and goals are worth standing up for. I have learned from her that acting as a people pleaser, which I unfortunately have done most of my life, is not genuine. She has taught me the value of being genuine and true to myself. I love that about her.”

Samantha is always striving for excellence in life. Whether that be in a professional sense, caring for the animals at the vet clinic she works with, or whether that be at home when she is trying to bake the perfect cake, she never settles for second best. She sets goals and works hard to achieve them.

“I always admired her ability to stand up for herself, in spite of being a shy child,” Cherie said. “She is strong! And determined! I’ve also admired her heart for service. She believes strongly in helping others.”

Samantha is always trying to help others. Whether that be standing up for the mission’s field at church, or whether that be helping her friends’ and their animals outside of work, Samantha is a good Samaritan who is always lending a helping hand.

“I’ve been around Samantha a lot when she is looking at or taking care of an animal,” Eric said. “She really tries to make the animals feel comfortable and takes time to get them calm. She is great with our dogs, Poa and Clover. She is always willing to help out friends’ and families’ dogs as well. She will see them at the clinic in off hours or days off or will go to their house. She is always willing to help.”

Samantha loves being there for people, and people love that she is always there for them. People are drawn to Samantha’s personality and her love and care she portrays to others.

“She is more than a friend, she is family,” Samantha’s childhood best friend, Collen, said. “As cliche as it sounds, she knows me better than I know myself most of the time. She has been a strong constant in my life since 1st grade. I am so grateful for her unconditional friendship and love.”

Having a best friend since back in elementary school is not something that everybody has, but in Samantha’s case, who would not want to sustain a friendship with her that long? She cares deeply about everyone, and she will be there at the drop of a hat.

“We have been together through most of life’s pivotal moments,” Colleen said. “That creates a bond that only strengthens with each new moment. Her family has always felt like an extension of my own family. She is also so selfless and generous. I rarely have to ask for help because she always offers first.”

This is the type of friend that everyone wants to have, and Samantha is not the type of friend that Colleen takes for granted. Samantha is a loving person who has also created so many memories over the years.

From Colleen and Samantha playing a bunny mother and daughter in a first grade play, to Colleen’s grandma forever remembering Samantha as the girl that knocked with her bottom, Samantha has created many memories that no one will ever forget.

From her saying, “I want a CAT,” to, “I found the chicken, but I can’t find the steak,” Cherie’s fond memories of Samantha remind her that she has never been afraid to speak her mind.

“We went on a dolphin/ecology tour on our honeymoon in Florida and didn’t see a dolphin the entire trip,” Eric said. “On our way back to the dock, Samantha spotted two dolphins far away that eventually jumped in the boat’s wake. That made the entire tour. Everyone laughed that she was the ‘dolphin spotter.’ I will always remember that.”

Samantha means so much to Eric, and he is glad he gets to spend his life with her. He cannot imagine being married to anyone else, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds.

“They balance each other well,” Colleen said. “Eric can talk up a storm while Sam can be more reserved. They do things to take care of one another without even thinking about it. It’s just natural for them because they love each other so much.”

“Eric and Samantha are perfect for each other,” Cherie said. “They are both thoughtful individuals that enjoy serving others with small acts of kindness. It is wonderful to see how much Eric admires and respects Samantha for who she is and for her special gifts. And I see this same respect and admiration in Samantha’s eyes as she looks at Eric. It’s truly wonderful to see a couple that is so well matched.”

The impact Eric and Samantha have made not just on each other, but the people around them, is what makes them such a great couple. People love seeing how they are with each other, and how much they truly care about one another.

“I want them to know how much we love and cherish them,” Cherie said. “As individuals and as a couple. They both bring different gifts and personalities to our family, and they are valued, loved and admired for these unique gifts. We wish them all the happiness in the world. I thank God each night for blessing me with them. With the love of God guiding them, and their love for each other, there is nothing they can’t do together.”

“Happy 1st anniversary! I’m so glad you two found each other.” – Colleen

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