‘The Most Faithful Woman I Know’

Christy Streeter (née Stringer) has always had a strong faith in God. This light has guided her for her entire life, compelling her to share as many blessings with others in the world as she could.

Christy was born in Denver, Colorado to Larry and Carol Stringer. She is sister to four siblings. Christy would meet her future husband, Justin, through her work.

This is what he had to say about what makes her so special, “Christy is the most caring, faithful person I have ever met. She is selfless and will do anything for anyone to help their situation. She is strong, funny, and goes out of her way to bless me and the kids. She has a strong faith in God.”

Christy has held many roles and jobs in her life; waitress, mental health professional, education. In fact, she spent three years of her life teaching English to local middle school students in China. Christy has a drive to help others. Mission trips, as well, have taken her on numerous adventures all over the world to help people and share the good word.

It was ten years ago that Christy met Justin, and both of their lives changed forever. She was the director of a program at Cloud Community College. He was looking to go back to school later in life. Christy interviewed him for entrance to the program, but a connection was felt from the beginning.

Justin says about that time, “We kind of flirted back and forth and when I left, I told myself, “I could see myself marrying someone like that someday”. In May of 2013, he did indeed fulfill that wish.

Justin could see immediately he had found the ‘one’. “After our first lunch date I could see what a wonderful person she was. She goes out of her way to bless me, which makes me want to be the best husband possible. She has helped me grow a strong relationship with God. Her encouragement makes me feel strong and motivated.”

They both brought children with them into the marriage but have continued to grow their family. Christy’s love for family and drive to take care of people also led them to adopt as well as foster kids and host foreign exchange students.

Justin says, “My wife has blessed so many people in her life. I want her to know how much she means to me and the kids.”

Christy’s kids love their mother because of the care and dedication she gives to them. In total, she has been gifted with six kids to raise.  Micah is 21 years old, Dylan is 19, Addai is 16, Bruce is 15, and Kathryn is13. Christy’s oldest is Chase, who is 25 years old will make her a grandmother in July.

Christy is the steading hand that keeps the family grounded.

Justin says, “She is an angel with the kids. They know they can (and often do) come to her to talk about things going on in their lives. She also talks to her parents every day and is the first one to respond to their needs.”

It is the simple things in life that are always the most profound when you share time with family and loved ones. Sitting around a fire, telling dad jokes, kids playing their instruments, enjoying those moments, together.

Even in times of trouble, Christy can find joy in the situation. For example, there was a Mother’s Day where she wanted to walk on the jetty at the beach. Powerful ocean wind pushed waves over the rock making the path less than safe with slickness. Eventually, Justin had to cautiously go out to help Christy and the kids, who by that point were exhausted, bruised and scraped up from stumbling.

Christy, herself, broke her collarbone from a fall. In reflection, though, the family laughs about the experience. Christy has a way of making things better.

Justin says, “when I get worked up or stressed, she always comes up with a solution and makes me feel better. She has a saying ‘If that’s the worst thing that happens, then we’ll be ok.’ I want her to know that she changed my life 10 years ago when I walked into her office. She is my best friend on this earth, and I sometimes wonder how I can be so blessed to have her in my life. She is my everything.”The Most Faithful Woman I Know

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