‘Truly God’s Plan’: Luke knows that Brittany is the woman of his dreams, and he is glad he finally gets to call her his wife

They say the right person is worth waiting for.

For Luke and Brittany, this could not be truer.

When Brittany’s boss at their local YMCA told her she had just interviewed a guy that would be perfect for her – Luke – Brittany did not know that he would wind up becoming the love of her life. Three years and one week later, they are getting married and making an eternal promise to one another.

Luke and Brittany’s first time going out wound up turning from ice cream to four hours of talking, and a few days later they wound up going on their first date. They knew early on that they were with someone special, and the people around them knew this too.

“They complement each other by bringing great balance to their relationship,” Luke’s mom, Maryanne, said.

When you see the two of them together, you just see something so special and so unique, and you know that they are what so many people in this world imagine as a “perfect couple.” Luke and Brittany bring out the best in one another, and their love for each other is so prevalent.

When you ask Luke what stood out about Brittany, he will tell you right off the bat that her personality is one-of-a-kind. He knew from the start that she was not like most girls.

“I love her Godliness, kindheartedness, dedication to others, her goofiness, her love and investment in children – she’s made to be a teacher – and her maturity,” Luke said.

Brittany recently graduated from Wright State and got her teaching certificate, and Luke will tell you there is no one that is more fit to be a teacher than the love of his life. She is such an amazing human being who treats everyone well, whether it be kids or adults, and Luke is proud of her every single day.

“I love being with her because she truly does embody loyalty and compassion,” Luke said. “Not to sound cliche, but I can say that I know I’ve not only found my wife, but my best friend and the person that understands me better than anyone.”

Brittany is the yin to Luke’s yang. She is sweet, kind and authentic, and she is someone who is always there for everyone. Brittany brings Luke nothing but happiness and joy, and he knows that he is a much better person because of having the woman he calls his best friend right there next to him.

“To put it simply Brittany to me means completion,” Luke said. “She means happiness. I’d say we balance each other very well and I have no doubt God orchestrated our relationship.”

When you look at Luke and Brittany’s relationship, you see a couple that is so loving toward each other, and also so loving toward everyone else, and you see a couple who puts God at the center of their entire relationship. Their foundation is rooted in their faith and their belief in God, and they know that He is the one who brought them together.

They both had an extreme amount of patience when it came to waiting to enter each other’s lives, and they will both tell you the wait was more than worth it. They are also a couple that so many people look up to, and that speaks volumes.

“I love that Luke makes her feel special and happy, and that they are very glad to be with each other,” Luke’s sister Elley said.

Everyone who knows Luke and Brittany knows that they both truly deserve each other, and they are glad to see them tying the knot.

Luke and Brittany are very appreciative of the journey they have been on so far, and they are looking forward to continuing this adventure of life as husband and wife. It is the next chapter in their storybook relationship, and they know there is so much on the horizon for them.

“I am looking forward to stepping outside our comfort zones and chasing new, exciting opportunities with one another,” Luke said. “Having that person next to you on this journey of life will be spectacular. Through the high points and the low points, we’re going to be a constant for each other, and I cannot wait for that day in and day out journey to begin.”

The future is more than bright for this couple, and as long as they keep God at the center, they know there is nothing they are incapable of. There is so much in store for them, and saying ‘I do’ is a great checkpoint in their relationship.

“Brittany, as we prepare to begin our life together as husband and wife I know this: I know that there will be the highest of highs and times of trials,” Luke said. I know that there will be major decisions that we have to make. I know that we will be overwhelmed at times and seemingly out of solutions to help us through our different trials, but never forget this. We must always lean into God first, keeping Him at the center of this marriage and from there everything will happen according to His perfect plan. I cannot wait to chase after God’s will with you by my side, every step of the way.”

Congratulations Luke and Brittany!Truly God's Plan

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