Truly Selfless: There is nothing Therèsa Alampi would not do for someone in need

Do not let Therèsa Alampi convince you to take her to the pet shelter unless you want to talk her out of bringing home every dog that is there.

Therèsa has brought home many rescue dogs over the years because she wants to be able to help them in any way that she can, and this compassion is just one of the many things Dave loves about his wife. “Her dream is to start a dog Sanctuary someday, and I believe that she will find a way to get it done.” But her love for animals is only in the beginning.

She has so much care in her heart, and she wants to make sure that every person and animal is taken care of. She overflows with love, and Dave is so glad to have a wife like her, he could not imagine having a better life partner.

“She has the biggest heart in the world,” Dave said. “She wants to rescue every dog in the world, and she has adopted many rescue dogs. Therèsa is willing to help anyone; she is extremely loyal and loves her kids and grandkids more than anything. She is passionate and sensual, and motherly to me even. She took care of me when I broke my ankle and couldn’t walk.”   Her son-in-law Anthony chimed in: “I can echo that she puts her family before herself always, whatever we need we can count on her.”

No matter what the situation is, Therèsa has everyone’s back.

She takes care of her own, and she is someone that is truly a people person. She is selfless and genuine with everyone.

“She is loving, caring, proactive, passionate, a great listener, gives positive feedback, is always willing to go the extra mile for her kids and will defend them at all costs,” Dave said.  Then her father, Paul Alampi, chimed in “I love her cooking and that I raised her right to be a Giants fan and take my crap.”  Therèsa’s mom, Vita, not ecstatic with Paul’s answer responds with: “she is the most wonderful daughter and is always there for me with her love and support.”

Therèsa raised her kids, Vanessa and Michael, on her own, and she has always shown them strength and courage and been there for them at every turn in life. She has built a strong foundation for them and has shown the importance of being there for those you really care about. “My mom means the world to me. She has been there every time I have needed her, but in addition to being my mom, she is my best friend,” Vanessa told us. “I do not think my mom knows how much I appreciate everything she has done; it was not easy being a mom and dad at the same time raising us,” Michael added.

Her kids mean the world to her, and Therèsa shows love to each person she meets but her current pride and joys are her 5 grandchildren: Savannah; Jack; Viveanna; Ava and recent addition Lorenzo.

“I admire her dedication and loyalty to her family, friends and even co-workers,” Dave said. “Therèsa is very positive and tends to see the good in people. She is willing to spend lots of time with subordinates at work to help them succeed in their job. She’s very selfless and always puts people before herself… sometimes to her detriment.”

Therèsa makes sacrifices for people, but that is because of the optimism she has on life. In a negative world, she tends to see the positive, and people love being around her. ”The thing I admire most about my sister is her unconditional love for her family and her ability to laugh and smile in most situations, she is truly a wonderful person,” says her sister Nancy Manos.

She makes such a positive impact on those around her and is such a great influence on her family and friends, and Dave appreciates everything his wife has done for everyone, including himself.

“I want her to know just how loved she is by me and her family; even though it may seem like we don’t appreciate her, we absolutely know there’s no one better. Most importantly, I want her to know that she’s number one in my life. She often feels I put things and others before her, and the reality is she is number one. I just do a lousy job of showing it. I love you, Therèsa!” – Davetruly selfless

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