Tweeted Into My Heart: A Valentine’s Day Celebration of Danielle

When Danielle Bliss was born in Watson, Louisiana, Twitter had yet to exist, but it would end up being where she would fall in love. Danielle met Trey on Twitter in 2012 and despite some tough times they have made wonderful memories and have never been doing better together. The two were ahead of their time as online dating has become far more prevalent than it was in 2012 over the last decade.

They have enjoyed many wonderful times together so far including dance nights, beach trips and long laughs. Danielle is very adventurous so it’s no wonder the couple love to travel, including trips to the mountains.

Trey loves how Danielle has exhibited bravery, courage and independence throughout her life. After Danielle’s father passed away when she was five she was raised by her grandparents and became incredibly resilient. 

She has used many of these qualities including her kindness and caring nature to raise her son Brayden. Despite her upbringing she has always been there for her son and is an incredible mother to him. 

She elevates Trey daily to be the best version of himself by keeping him focused. Danielle can rise to any occasion whether serious or funny. 

She once even crashed a bike with Trey on the handlebars when it was pitch black out, which left them both in hysterics. 

Danielle wasn’t just riding the bike for fun as she loves exercise. Danielle is also spiritual and religious as she enjoys prayer.

Some of Trey’s other favorite qualities include Danielle’s intelligence and compassion. These qualities along with her caring nature and kindness have also made her a fantastic nurse.

Another one of Trey’s favorite qualities about Danielle is how selfless she is. She always puts others before herself whether it’s Trey, her 11-year-old son Brayden or her dog Hoyt.

Trey wanted to send a very special message to Danielle about their love: “I love you Danielle Dova Bliss. I want you to know how much you truly mean to me. I love you so very much,” said Trey. “You’re beautiful in so many ways. Stay true to who you are. Be confident in who you are. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day Dani.”

Trey considers Danielle to be a super special person and wanted to communicate that on this Valentine’s Day. He looks forward to a wonderful future together and is grateful to have met her.

Tweeted Into my Heart: Danielle Bliss

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