What’s in a name: December edition

December lights

Did you ever wonder how December got its name?

What about why there’s 31 days in the month?

As today is the 30th and final day of November, that means December starts tomorrow. And with that, we’re going to dive into the history of the final month on the 2022 calendar.

The Gregorian calendar has not gone without its fair share of changes over the years, but one thing the Gregorian calendar has never changed is the name of the final month of the year – December. We’ll break down the meaning behind December and so much more throughout today’s blog.

Why is it called December?

In Roman, the word “decimus” means 10. Does the word decimus sound familiar? It should, as it is where the name December derived from.

Originally this made complete sense, as December used to be the 10th month on the Roman calendar. It’s not that we just added months per se, but what is known as January and February today were considered “dead” winter months where the government and the military were both inactive, so there was no reason to name these days between December and March, hence the shift in meaning.

Since then they have decided to stick with December as the final month on the calendar, but instead of it being the 10th named month, it is now the 12th named month.

What are the zodiac signs in December?

People born between December 1 and December 21 are Saggitarius, which are said to be a “dynamic blend of passion, curiosity, intensity and adaptability.” They are also said to be adventurous and know no bounds.

If you were born between December 22 and the end of the year, you are the last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn. Capricorns are “increasingly youthful, optimistic and playful as they mature,” and they are said to be rebellious and unafraid to let loose.

So basically, if you are born in December, the likelihood of you being more devilish and untamed is higher, at least according to the zodiac.

What can I expect from the December night skies?

The Geminid and Ursid meteor showers will both be prominent in December, the prior of which is the most active meteor shower of the year. At its peak, the Geminid shower has 75 meteors illuminating across the December night sky an hour, which is an extraordinary amount in a 60 minute span.

December is also the home to the winter solstice and the start of winter, which falls on December 21st this year. 

The full moon the month of December hosts is the Full Cold Moon, which got its name for the frigid temperatures in the midst of the start of winter. It also has many alternative names, which are: Drift Clearing Moon, Frost Exploding Trees Moon, Hoar Frost Moon, Little Spirit Moon, Long Night Moon, Mid-winter Moon, Moon of the Popping Trees, Moon When the Deer Shed Their Antlers, Snow Moon and Winter Maker Moon. No matter what name you call it, it is sure to be signs of a cold, brisk night.

What other things represent December?

The poinsettia is known for its beautiful, rich red color, and it is also the birth flower of December. Also known as “Christmas Stars,” the poinsettias are more than just a flower that many schools give to people during winter fundraisers, but it is a flower that represents respect and modesty. It is also a flower whose most significant feature is a red leaf, which is commonly mistaken for the flower.

Turquoise, which is a symbol of “good fortune and success,” is a relaxing birthstone, which is a perfect reason for it representing the month of December.

What else is there to know about December?

Sixty years ago this December, the first contact was made with another planet.

Outside of this historical aspect, December is also a very popular month for being off work, as you have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, along with other religious holidays such as Hanukkuh and most of Kwanzaa.

It is also a great time to watch football, baseball and hockey, as well as a great opportunity to order someone a My FrontPage Story.

Finally, November used to actually be 29 days, but when Julius Caesar introduced his Julian calendar, December had not one but two days added to its month.

Now you know more than you did before about the month of December, and you can unofficially call yourself a December expert. That said, enjoy the last month of the year and don’t forget to spend time with your family roasting chestnuts on an open fire!

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