A Decade/Proverbs 18:22: This verse is a testament to the love and marriage between Marlen and Kevin

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favor from the Lord,” and Kevin Spivey has been reminded of this firsthand time and time again.

Back when Kevin met his wife, Marlen, over a decade ago, he could tell there was something different about her and boy was he ever right.

Marlen is the most God-fearing, Jesus-centric person Kevin has ever met, and that’s coming from a pastor himself.

“Marlen is a lover of Jesus,” Kevin said. “She is a lover of people. She is beyond selfless and always thinking about others. The way she loves our kids and me reflects and radiates the love of Jesus.”

Everything Marlen does is out of faith, and that is something that Kevin truly admires about her. She stays true to who she is and is constantly following along with what the Scripture says, and that is exactly what Kevin loves most.

Part of what her faith in God has done has helped build a strong foundation for her marriage to Kevin. Every day, they walk together in the Lord, serving Him in whatever way it is. From mission trips to the way they communicate, Jesus is at the center of the Spivey marriage.

“The Lord has used her to make me the man I am,” Kevin said. “She is by far the Lord’s greatest tool to mold me and create me into the man I am today.”

God is the light to Kevin’s life, but his wife is the one who helps hold him accountable and keeps him in line. She is a major reason why he is where he is today, and for that he could not be more thankful.

Kevin is also thankful for how amazing of a mom Marlen is. She uses her faith in God to help mold the way she raises her children, and Kevin is thankful for the amazing role model of a mother that she truly is.

“The way she loves our kids is inspiring” he said. “There isn’t a thing she would not do for them. She goes above and beyond and lives a selfless life day in and day out. The fruit of the Spirit is evident in Grace (6) and Aidan (4) by how they respond to their mother’s instruction. Both Marlen and Kevin know that their children are a blessing from the Lord.  The love she has for the kids is just inspiring.”

Marlen is a mother who is constantly praying for her children and who would do anything for them. She loves them unconditionally, and she is hoping to be a moral compass as Grace and Aidan grow older.

But of course, Marlen is the woman she is today because of her aforementioned faith in God. She draws near to Him on a daily basis, and He is the foundation of the Spivey family.

Marlen aims to live like Jesus every day, and that includes in the way she treats others too.

“Faith is a big thing for us,” Kevin said. “Our whole aim is Christ and to do everything He has called us to do.”

Faith is everything to the Spiveys, and seeing the faith Marlen has is a constant reminder of how good and Holy their Lord and Savior is. Kevin, Grace and Aidan all appreciate the amazing woman Marlen is, and they love her without borders.

“The scripture says that every good and perfect gift comes from above from the Father of Light… Marlen, you are that perfect gift. Happy 10 years Love.” – Kevin 

Proverbs 18:22.

A Decade: Marlen and Kevin

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